Aedile Report


Aedile Report

i) News ii) Competitions iii) Specific Updates iv) Activity, Awards and Promotions v) Conclusion

Coming in late tonight, but none-the-less, here is your weekly Aedile report. As usual this week's been pretty good for activity but I have yet to see you all clammering to join our run-on. As Manji stated in his report earlier today, participation in this run-on will be rewarded for your efforts. As before myself, Fremoc or either Ekeia or Kano can help you get into the run-on if you're confused on how to start. As with before, nothing else to mention here but the link to join in! JOIN ME!!

They keep on showing up even if you don't want them, competitions are kind of like the life blood of the Brotherhood and help keep people active while they're waiting on promotions or whatever else may come up. These are the current competitions for that you can all participate in.

Spinning Bubbles - Yet another flash game for you to sink your teeth into, Flash games are simple and easy ways to keep yourself active and to get yourself awards. This one is a simple puzzle game in which the top three entrants will get crescents. - Due 04/28

Bash the Quaestor 2 - Once again our Quaestor proves he's a glutton for punishment and wants you to test your mettle against him in any of our PC fronts. He claims he's not any good so we'll see how true that statement is, remember that the more you challenge him and the more you win the less likely it is for others to claim your rewards. - Due 04/30

Kano's Weekly Flash Game 3 - The third in an on-going series, yet another flash-game for the fiercesome Night Raptors; Kano's been happy to give you guys awards and remember that if you guys can't rack up enough submissions for our Templar Sergeant that the Hawks can still your shinies. - Due 04/30

Praetor's Presents - Jeric, the Praetor to the Herald, is looking for some some gifts for his now passed Birthday. He wants to know what you're getting him and you can send it as a word document, image, anything...have fun with it; you can get some epic rewards for it. - Due 04/30

Quaestor's Fiction Beginning - Fremoc wants you to write a little fictional entry for his next report, these aren't too difficult and you've seen a couple in my reports already; not something too hard to do for a moment of your time. Top entry appears in Fremoc's next report and top three recieve Crescents. - Due 04/30

Defying the Laws of Tetris - Ekeia's been working up a storm lately and wants you to forget what you've learned about Tetris; in this game the Night Hawks must use Tetris pieces to build a mighty tower while fighting gravity. As with Kano's series if you can't get at least three different submitters to your mighty Commander, she'll open it up to the Raptors. - Due 05/03

The Bounty - Kano wants to know how your character would behave if they were a simple Bounty Hunter without any connection to the Force; you've been given your target now show us how you'll eliminate him. This should be simple enough for most of you conquering writers, the rest of you should have no problems with this either. - Due 05/08

Operation: DOOM Train - I know, not how it's spelt but I had to emphasis the awesome. Our daring Consul decided to bring back this former Markosian-only competition for all. An easy comp to earn even more shinies, know what you have to do? Generate activity. Participate in comps, complete SA exams...practically anything that spams our Consul's inbox will give you points to earn more rewards from him. - Due 05/31

Sadow Training - Rollmaster wants activity, not just one but two competitions this month. Our Rollmaster will reward you for completing exams in the Shadow Academy, the more exams you have finished the better you place. Place in the top three for instant rewards by way of Shinies. - Due 06/30

Generating a bunch of noise this week, the following mention is definately worth a spot here.

Kano Verda has been promoted from Dark Jedi Knight to Obelisk Templar, congrats on the leg up dude.

It's always nice to see a promotion mentioned here, I hope to have more of you to list here within the next couple of weeks so long as you're all doing your best.

Awards and Courses:

Araxis "Stormreaver" Farron: - Awards: Crescent with an Emerald Star recieved - Courses: Leadership Fundaments passed and Dark Maven - Philosophy recieved

Ekeia Iclo: - Courses: Brotherhood History I passed

Fremoc Pepoi: - Awards: Thirteen Clusters of Fire and a Dark Cross recieved

Kano Verda: - Awards: Two Clusters fo Fire and a Crescent with a Quartz Star recieved

Roxas: - Awards: Crescent with a Topaz Star recieved

Sarconn: - Awards: Crescent with an Emerald Star recieved

You've all been really busy lately and I hope you all keep this up, the activity is always great to see and honours the House. Keep it up all of you.

Condensed version for those skipping to the end. - Congratulations to Kano for his promotion - Manji's offered rewards for simple participation in the run-on, speaking of which..... - Run-on is still in effect, keep it up and hope for the best; no good deed goes unrewarded

May shadows guide you Disciples.

Nice report, totally ninja!!!

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