Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Hey y'all, welcome to your weekly Reckoners BT report!

The News

Our wiki page has seen some serious content updates! Information from entries to the last two competitions has been integrated into the Weapons and Headquarters sections. This information will be indispensable in writing Reckoner fiction, so go check it out :)

Congratulations to Doni Tzu, who has been awarded a Legion of the Scholar! Good job!

Dralin Fortea has received two Crescents with Emerald Stars for last week's competitions and a Dark Cross for his work with Gladius! Congrats, bro!

Coop Ter-An has received a Crescent with Topaz Star for last week's Headquarters Description competition! Keep it up!

And while he's not a Reckoner, it bears repeating - Congratulations to Jagen Phoenix who is now EQ1! Well deserved!

Non-BT members who are reading: The Reckoners currently have two spots open - let me know if you want to join up!

The Competitions

Only one this week, but it's a good one - a bit of a "finish the fiction" thing :D

[Reckoners] Eliminate the Target http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/competition.php?id=4967 Running time: 4/27/2010 (today) - 5/3/2010 (Monday)


_Normally you wouldn't just walk up to Commander Teia Coran's quarters, but she has summoned you. You knock and the door immediately slides open, but Teia isn't in sight.

"Come," Teia's voice calls from nearby. You enter the room and see her at her sitting area. She is in a plush chair in front of a small round table, looking at a hand-held console. She looks up and motions you to sit in an identical chair on the other side of the table.

"Thank you for coming promptly," Teia says, setting her console on the table, screen side down, and looking you in the eyes. "There is a sensitive matter that needs to be taken care of, and few are as fit for the job as you are."

Teia picks up her console, touches a few controls, and sets it down on the table, display side up. She motions you to look. The screen displays a map of Eden City. She touches the screen and it zooms in on District VI.

"District VI, as you know, doesn't usually cause any real problems. But one relatively recent immigrant has come to our attention." Teia touches the screen again and a surveillance photo of a Bothan fills the display. "She's a Bothan named Tull Zitas, and she's starting to unite the petty criminals and new residents with her talk of 'making a better life for everyone.' So far her aims don't appear to counter our goals, but a united District VI could cause a serious problem in the future."

Teia touches the screen again and the images disappear. She catches your eyes again.

"We need Zithas eliminated as quickly as possible. I am entrusting you to carry this out. Use whatever means you find necessary, but be quiet about it, or we could have a riot on our hands."

Teia rises and you stand at the same time.

"Return to me when you are done, Reckoner."_

Your task is to write how you complete this assignment. Use the Reckoners and Eden City wikis as a reference. The completed entry will be at least a page and a half in a word processor.

Email entries to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] with the phrase "Eliminate the Target competition" in the subject line. Fifth level crescents to the top three entries!

The Team

This is the current roster:

JH Teia Coran KP Dralin Fortea DA Doni Tzu DA Sirrus SBL Vexxtal DJK Balia Donos DJK Mechronage Saltherion DJK Tlaloc Elols JH Shardara Bellamorae PRT Coop Ter-An

The Activity

Tlaloc Elols had a new character sheet approved.

Dralin Fortea had a new character sheet approved.

The Conclusion

I'm very excited about the work we're doing with our headquarters and weapons. I hope to start working on other lore soon! Go check out this week's competition - I'm psyched to read your entries!

End transmission!

In Darkness,

JH Teia Coran (Obelisk)/SGT/Kaerner of Tarentum AC / Cr-2S / S:-1B

Commander of the Reckoners "Nobody escapes their day of Reckoning."

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