Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

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Sorry for the lack of a fiction in the report this week. I am a bit tapped out on fictions with two run-ons at the moment.

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For news this week I have a pretty big line up. First I am gonna mention Taig's resignation again. Now the applications have officially been opened until May 9th. Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow: Requirements: * Hold the Rank of Equite 2 or Higher * 24 hour email turn around under normal circumstances * 72 hour email turn around time under constrained circumstances * Experience of leadership at a House level preferred What to place in your application:

Any ideas or suggestions you have for improving the Clan

Past Leadership experience in the Dark Brotherhood

Any recommendations you feel may help your chances of being selected

Any special skills you may possess that give you an advantage over others who may apply

To continue the news Korras has opened up applications for P:MAA until May 5th. Requirements: *DJK and higher. *A good familiarity with the DB. *48 hour email turnaround time, though 24 would be preferable. *The ability to convince Korras (and Muz and Sarin) why they should pick you.

And the final topic for this news segment is the run on. Wait, the run ons. Thats right, we now have two run ons going on. The Clan run on HERE and the new Night Raptors only run on that is located HERE. Make sure y'all join in and have some fun.

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As always below you will find a listing of five competitions as well as the link to the full listing of competitions.

Spinning Bubbles Kano's Weekly Flash Game 3 Praetor's Presents Quaestor Fiction Beginning Bash the Quaestor 2 Competition Page Have fun with these Raptors and get some shiny stuff.

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We had a pretty good haul of activity this week so here it is. Kano Verda: Promoted from Dark Jedi Knight to Templar Crescent with Quartz Star

Araxis Farron: Legion of the Scholar Crescent with Emerald Star Character Sheet Approved Leadership Fundamentals Passed

Roxas: Crescent with Topaz Star Sith Core Passed Starfighter Studies Passed

Good work Raptors and keep it up.

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This week I have spent a lot of time reflecting on matters this week in my RL. Problems that most people esculate over a course of their entire lives and yet at the age of 23 I find myself dead in the middle of it. I sometimes honestly wonder what I would do if I didn't have this site to forget about all my RL problems and surround myself with a fantacy world.


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