Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

<font size="4"> The elegance of her stride made it seem as if he was floating over the earth; the fine layer of snow floated around her feet as she walked and clung to the bottom of her flowing purple robe. As she wandered up to the doors emblazoned with "Order. Power. Unity." she basked in the solace of the loneliness in the tundra. That was, until she realised behind the door was the bustling hub that was House Satal Keto. Alpha Base had retained an imposing aura, very much stemming from its background as a Prison. She shook her head as walked through the doors; the thick slabs of blackened durasteel slid to the side weightlessly as she wandered towards her office just the other side of the outer cloister. On her way, she had to pass the reconnaissance armory, which meant the inevitability of meeting Kal was reassuring. She stopped in the doorway and gave him a thin smile. Kal eyes flickered gold as he quickly looked up; perceiving Kaira as unthreatening, he returned to scrubbing the thick layer of snow off his boots. “Nice to see you again, Kal", Kaira proclaimed with a comforting tone, “I bid things are well for you?"

“Fine, just fine." He retorted briskly. "Just lost another damn speeder on my way back here from Beta Base. Terrible things, never maintained properly. Luckily I crashed only a few hundred meters from here, explaining why it's only my shoes caked in snow."

“Think yourself lucky; I'm back in this forsaken snowy desert!" Kaira knew how to tease Kal, and that she did, actually being quite fond of the isolation on this outer-orbit planet. Kal just shrugged with a thin smile.

“You know where the docking pads are." Kal snapped with a wink. A thin smile also came over his face, returned by Kaira as she continued meandering through the corridors. It seemed as if she hadn't been gone long, and in fact, she hadn"t; It just seems to be as if she's running about everywhere these days in her new position of Clan Rollmaster.
As she walked into her office, Kaira adjusted the limited furnishing in the room before throwing numerous datapads on the desk to begin work. Hours passed in minutes as Kaira worked through the pile, occasionally being interrupted by all walks of House Satal Keto. Her next interruption was not particularly well timed, however. A knock echoed through the metal-plated room as Wuntila walked in. “Not disturbing you am I, Ma'am" he asked, already halfway into her office. “No, no, these datapads can just organise themselves and what have I told you about just walking into my office? Don't do it." Kaira responded, looking over the top of her glasses as she worked. The hulking man, if that's what you could call a Human-Theelin hybrid, breathed heavily as he bowed in apology. "I've just got something to run past you." Wuntila carried on, after a few seconds of silence. “Be quick, I've got a lot of work now, if you hadn't noticed." “Well, Ma'am, I was thinking, as we'd just finished one report, maybe we could look at the effects of snow combat in..."Wuntila started; however, he was unable to finish the sentence as Kaira interjected. “No. Just no. We have written one report, we worked hard on it, but at present, I'm stretched for time as it is, and in all honesty, you should be on a transport frigate halfway to the Arcanum by now. You have work to do." She concluded, making it very clear with the lack of interest, she was busy and didn’t need more things to deal with. “But, Ma'am" “Did I just hear you say But Ma'am?"Kaira said sternly. Wuntila bowed gracefully before her, acknowledging her hint. He swivelled on the ball of his left foot and skulked out of her office with a soft farewell. "Good bye and good day." Kaira looked up and shook her head smiling, “One day they'll learn that busy means go away... One day."

Written by Wuntila and oked by Kaira</font>

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<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4"> Alaris has been promoted. Every one show appreciation! Yeaaaa. Ok so it isn’t that big of news. Still he earned it, way to go Alaris.

Muz has released the new Cluster of Ice it is to be given out for ACC matches as well as run-ons and RPGs. Good luck to us all in earning them!

P:MAA applications are being taken until may 5th. You need to read the requirements before trying your hand at the job.

I want to remind everyone that if you have ideas for the clan or your house to put them in emails to leadership. We wish to hear from our members what they wish to see happen in the clan. </font>

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<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4"> I would like to push the activity into all the contests below. We have a number of contests running right now with only one entry. So please get your entries in. </font>

<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4">Brotherhood Contests</font> <font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">Praetor's Presents<font></font></font></font>

<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4">Clan Contests</font> My gaming Contest info below but come on every one let's start gaming. <font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">Gaming Gaming and more Gaming<font></font></font></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">Plagueis Poetry: Perspectives of Plagueis<font></font></font></font>

<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4">HSK House contests</font> There are no contests at this time look for some to come soon.

Battle Team Keto's Vengeance has a run on starting up look to your leaders email for more info.

<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4">HEK House contests</font> <font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">[HEK] One change for another<font></font></font></font><br

<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4">Battle team Kun Academy</font> <font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">Battle team Kun Academy Motto<font></font></font></font>

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<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4"> With the ACC contests going right now we have a few things to report on here.

SW Cassandra El'sin vs. KAP Alexander Anderson Winner Alexander DJK Du'moth vs. SBM Scion Altera Winner Du'moth KAP Kschamehellan vs. KE Impetus M'Nar Winner Impetus

ACC Rank ups Impetus to Zealot Du’moth to Neophyte

Great job everyone on their ACC matches. Win or loss you competed and that is all we can ask. </font>

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<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4"> Cassandra: Amethyst Star Mograine: Sapphire Star Kaira: 2 Emerald Star Trent: Sapphire Star Impetus: Dark Cross</font>

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<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4"> Necal passed both Lightsaber Studies and HTML basics. Great job Necal</font>

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<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4"> Promotions: None at this time New members: We have not had any new members in the clan Leaving Members: No one has left </font>

<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4"> With the rule of two coming out soon, there isn't a long list below. I will up date this as soon as I can. Also, if you are in Exar Kun and have or want a master please talk to me on IRC or Email me.

Here is the list of Master Student pairings I have at this time: Kaira- Zeon Blacktooth (LoA), and Killer Kodais and Eridanis Kal and Necal Cassie and Evix

As always, I would like to hear from the masters and students. If you are doing well in your trials it would be nice to hear from you; equally, if you are struggling do not hesitate to send me an email, or catch me on IRC. Please keep me updated so we can get you promoted. If you find that your master and student pairing is not working out I would also like to be informed so that we might find you a new master or a new student. If you are wishing to be a master or need a master please email me so that I can help you. Would like to remind you all that if you are a master or a student to keep me informed of progress so I can help you level faster. </font>

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<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4"> This week a question was asked to me that I felt the whole clan should hear and sound off on. The question came to me from none other than Wuntila. He wanted to know if Viv was really a woman in disguise.

I had to think about this for a bit for we all know Viv and his habits. There for I feel it is my duty to ask the rest of you how you would see this question being answer? Is Viv a male or female or maybe a Hermaphrodite?

Please feel free to leave comments with your answers. It shall be interesting what you all have to say on this topic.

By the way Viv we only picked on you because you weren't around!!!!!!

Peace Be upon you and that's it for the week, Clan. Have a good day, I hope to see you all online and if you see Cethgus, please hit him on the head.</font>

<font color="#571B7e"><font size="4">#10057 KAP Kaira Rohana(Krath)/Satal Keto of Plagueis [ACC: CL:1] SB / GC-PoDP / SC / AC / DC-CP / SN-BL / Cr-1D-1R-9A-20S-29E-13T-9Q / PoB / CF-SF / SI-BL / SoL / LS / S:-21U

{SA: DMW - DMP - DMGH - DSWP} Prodigy of Plagueis Clan Rollmaster </font></font></font></p></font></font></p></font></p></font></p></font></p></font></font></font></font></font></font></p></font></p>

Personally, I believe that there is only one way this can be solved. Wet T-shirt contest between Viv and the gayest man you can find in your channel (so Cethgus). Viv wins, he's female. :P

See, I reckon Hermaphrodite personally. :D

Rule of the Internet 30: There are no girls on the internet. Factual observation: Viv is on the internet.

Ergo: Viv is not female.


As for hermaphrodite, well.... yeah, I got nothing.

See, Victorious. ;)

Knew i'd flunk him... I mean, I knew I'd flunk IT!

"As for hermaphrodite, well.... yeah, I got nothing."

Having nothing does not make you a hermaphrodite. Quite the opposite, really. :P

All I can say is Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


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