Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Cethgus sat on the bridge of the Bothan Assult Carrier Darkest Night, Wuntila stood beside him looking out at the planet in front of them. The ship began to move towards orbiting the planet below, as the form of the Exarch stood up out of his seat and looked over to his Aedile a twisted grin coming to his face.

"Selen, the location of Arcona's Citadel, this is where we will see who steps up to take Sashars place" his voice booming around the bridge.

Walking down the corridors some of the officers on the ship stopping and saluting, but the pair payed them no attention walking towards the hanger with speed. Their boots echoing around the long corridors of the Darkest Night.

As the two entered the hanger they quickly boarded a shuttle. Lurching off it began its decent to the Citadel, as they awaited the news. Touching down the ramp lowered allowing the pair to walk off to be greeted by a Journeymen.

Moving through the corridors they came to the larger room that they had seen a lot of times, the door engraved with the Arcona logo. Walking through they noticed the faces of others, Driftan stood there waiting beside him was his Aedile Talos.

In the middle was Celahir and Sashar, looking as they entered the two Galeres members assumed their positions and stood there waiting for Sashar to speak, half curious and half already knowing what the answer would be.

"I called you all here today, because I have stepped down as Consul, but over the time I find one member ready to step up" his voice echoing into the ears of the leaders assembled.

"Celahir, he will assume my place as head of this Clan" the talk was quick and the work load was handed over to the new Consul in no time, one by one the leaders left, leaving Wuntila, Cethgus and Celahir standing there.

Suddenly a datapad got new information turning the attention of the Quaestor to it, reading it quickly he put it back into his pocket before looking at the other two members. They seemed to know that something wasn't right with the Exarch.

"I am going away for a few days, Wuntila you will lead House Galeres during my abscense" his voice echoed into the ears of the Dark Jedi Knight.

"And what takes your attention Cethgus?" Celahir spoke as if it was a question, but the Exarch knew it was more of a demand for information.

"Unfinished business, I will take my leave now, my Consul" Bowing deeply he walked away a smirk coming to his lips, knowing that the new Consul hated being spoken to as a leader.

Right well now for News, in case you didn't pay attention to the report that came out from my Aedile, Celahir is the new Consul of Arcona, so give him the best wishes people, I know that he will do great job and let's see him continue to work hard for this Clan.

Second bit of news that is out, I am going on holiday tomorrow and won't be around for the next ten days, yet I'm gone till the 20th of July, that means that I leave you all in the capable hands of my Aedile, Wuntila will be contactable via email or IRC so grab him if you need anything.

Other than that there is much going on at the current moment in time, Archer will be watching over Inaryas spot and he will be taking on any work that you may have for the Legion, so if ya need him catch him on IRC or via email either one works really.

Right in the form of medals, I would like to see a few more medals by the time I get back, recently I haven't seen much in the form of medals people, so let's see that changed, there are competitions out and easy medals wins, so get active and get involved people, I want to see you all doing more in the future. So just remember if you have a free second of time, have a look what competitions are out and try and get involved in one of them, also remember that there is Trivia every Saturday it's another fun way

Same goes for the Shadow Academy guys, I really want to see more coming from all of you in the near future, so work hard and I know that you will be able to get some exams done, remember for some of you it is a requirement for your promotion, for others it is just time to make sure that for the Equite's that you guys all try and make sure that if you find a space in time let me know about it.

As far as the ACC goes we have seen a few things happening and I would like to see more of them happening. So if you ever want to describe your character in an epic fight against a friend, or want to have a laugh. Think about giving the ACC a shot, I recommend it and its well worth the time, so think about it guys, that being said the following has taken place:

Merchant - Qualified in the ACC

Inarya - Character Sheet approved

As in the way of new members, we have seen a one members coming to Arcona, an old timer coming back. So let's give them a warm welcome and help them if they do need anything at all.

Welcome back Obelisk Prelate Du Maurier d'Tana

Well we have seen a few promotions over the last two weeks, Wuntila has made sure that he has informed you of most of them, but hard work and dedication if you are doing promotion requirements or as an Equite is always rewarded in my House, and today we saw another member moving up.

Congratulations on Guardian ,Merchant.

Right now we come to the end of my report, time to close this stuff down and see you all for ten days, remember you can't do any redecoration, or setting stuff on fire, but get drunk, smoke, and have a good one guys.

Cethgus Kuga Quaestor of Galeres Tim, Sangs personal bitch

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