Headmaster Report #2


Headmaster Report #2


Tough times all around, as the AWOL check ends. I know a lot of people were stressed over the past few weeks, but I think it'll all work out for the better. We saw an influx of newer members this past month, which is awesome. With the dead weight we dropped, we caught some young tail. Here's to them sticking around, and their leaders not screwing around.

News! On the topic of Professors, we have two new (and old...very old) faces to join us on the SA Staff. Leading the new Department of Clan Histories, Aabsdu Dupar has risen to the challenge. I couldn't hope for a more unbiased mind, so congratulations to him. As Vai (now Aegis) retires from General Studies, Ekeia will take his place as Professor of one of the most important exams. Congratulations to her as well.

Since we're on the topic of Professors, I'm going to open yet another position. This one is for the Department of Coding Practices. Programming is one of the most important DB functions, and we're all looking to better ourselves and the Brotherhood. You can find the requirements below, send all applications to myself and Solus by Saturday July 24th. Note that Professor of this Department will be awarded better than your average Professor, as programming is so hard to come by in the Brotherhood.

Rank: Dark Jedi Knight or Above

Leadership Experience: Not needed, but preferred.

Shadow Academy Experience: Paramount. You must have completed both of the Programming Exams before you can be accepted for the position.

Email Turn Around: 48 hours. I do have a tendency to fire PROFs/A:PROFs and Docents who don't grade exams in an acceptable time frame.

Programming Knowledge: HTML, PHP, Javascript, and MySQL (for future exams, hint hint).

The 2010 Sage Writing Course is going to be on the biggest I believe. Already I've received over 10 applications, all of them with a strong understanding of the written English language. For those that want to sign up, you have until the 10th! That's tomorrow! Classes for this epic 10 week course start this Monday (the 12th)

Back to School (Summer semester) is running until the 19th. This is a DB wide competition, with 2nd level Crescents and a Dark Side Degree up for grabs. Already I've received close to a hundred exams submitted...it's nice to see. No surprise here, as they've always been big on the Shadow Academy, Clan Plagueis seems to be leading in most exams taken so far, with Tarentum closing in.

With the appointment of Ekeia, someone obviously had to resign. Aegis Fang (Vai as he was known to me) had to step down from his position of Professor of General Studies. Vai has been on my staff since I was a Magistrate, two years ago. He was the first Professor of General Studies, and a leading force in the transition from EPs to PROFs. For his dedication, I've awarded him a Grand Cross of the Dark Side, a small token of my appreciation. Thanks for everything Vai, you'll be missed.

Projects! Lots of stuff on the edge of release, I don't to want to spoil everything for you all. However, the thing that I will point out is to make sure you all have your Flight exams done. Certain items in the possession system won't be obtainable without them and the Flight Degree...like maybe say...your ability to buy a ship. But you didn't hear that from me. :P

Short and sweet this time, I will be releasing a report in the next two weeks however, with actual content to release, so keep your eyes open. I want to thank all of the Professors and Docents for their sublime performances, and to all the members who make it possible for the SA to stay in business. Until sometime this month...

His Excellency, Taigikori Aybara Dupar Headmaster of the Brotherhood

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