Master At Arms Report


Master At Arms Report

Welcome to this MAA report. I indeed did not do one for a while, but I figured most of you were not interested in random statistics.

As you have no doubt noticed, the AWOL check has been completed. I place a lot of members into the rogues, after conferring with their respective Consuls. In some cases, I made a mistake, but those have been fixed where I found them. If you find yourself in the rogues now, the most possible cause is the fact that you either did not reply to the check, or to the wrong email address. If you mailed to me, or to Kaek (which I never said to do), then that is where the problem occurred. If that is the case, request a transfer back to your clan.

What will be next? A Wargame. All clans turned in their new forces, and I will sit down one of these days and write down a nice little problem for the clans to solve with the application of their armed forces.

Finally, some comments: 1)When requesting a position appointment, CC Driftan, too. He's just as capable of doing those as I am, and sometimes he is capable of doing it before I get to it. So, it's in your own interest. 2)We aim to have everything processed within 12 hours, and most is done within 6. If something is waiting for longer then 24 hours, contact us. We might have missed something. 3)I will be on vaction from the 6th of august, until the 27th of August. I'll be in Texas for that time, enjoying the summer. :) 4)Any questions? Ask them in the comments.

~Korras, Master at Arms.

Have fun in Texas dude. Where the grass gross brown and the buffalo roam. :P

DUUUDE, where in texas are you going to be at? Anywhere near Dallas? :)

nope, mainly close to Austin. :P

So next door, right :P IF you guys meet up, take pictures.

...Korras? Take pictures? No possibility of it at all.

I want some nudies of Korras...

Who doesn't?

Have fun Korras!

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