Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

_Fist's personal chamber, Antei, 33 ABY

"Ruluk, come closer," the mighty and fearless Fist of the Brotherhood spoke. There was a big and bloody battle moments ago in a remote planet. The Fist and his personal bodyguards and staff went to the battle, as some important strategic location for inminent attacks could have been left open in such planet. Not allowing any danger to have open doors to the Dark Brotherhood, the Fist went and did his job.

However, Ruluk deactivated a bomb, thinking that it belonged to the enemy. Such bomb actually was chained to many others, all of them controled by the Fist. When the invasion army arrived, the battle was much harder than anticipated and unnecesssary bloodshed happened. All blame was on Ruluk, and now he had to be punished.

Ma'ar-Tyrius ignited one side of his blue-bladed saber staff. The blue color glowed accross Ruluk's skin, and suddenly it became stronger close to Ruluk's face, and then much stronger, closer to Ruluk's right ear. Then, his ear was on the floor, the wound completely burnt and cauterized.

Ruluk felt very little pain; the saber had burnt nerve endings as well. However, inside of him, he was being crushed upon. "Hereby, you cannot enter this chamber anymore. I ban you from any of my territories. Now, please, take him out of my sight." With those words, the Fist turned back and walked away, turning off his lightsaber, and wiping off some dust from his shoulders. The other Magistrate, Fremoc Pepoi, appeared from the shadows and grabbed Ruluk out of the chamber._

Okay, welcome to my latest report for Shadow Gate! So, the main news involve the finished AWOL check and the fact that I'm not M:Fist anymore. That's right, pals. I am not Magistrate anymore, but I have more time for you :D

Yes, I was fired, and no, it wasn't because I sucked. I'm happy because I know that I did a good job while it lasted.

  • DB News

  • RHawk is the most active gamer of June/2010!

  • The AWOL check is over. If you notice that the members list dropped down drastically, it's because they didn't answer that check. Luckily, you did. ;D

  • ThranO retires as CSP consul, and applications are now open. Go apply if you want, but don't come back here!

  • Aabsdu and Ekeia became professors of Clan Histories and General Studies, respectively. Congratulate them!

  • Related to the above, the Headmaster is expecting applications to professor of coding practices. If you have what it takes, go ahead!

  • Sage Course applications end this monday, so apply if you think that you're a good writer!

  • DGM needs 1 Praetor and 1 Magistrate! Go apply!

  • Clan and house/BT news

  • As you may know already, Dash has stepped down and Celahir is the new Consul. By the way, Proconsul applications are still open!

  • Celahir was promoted to Prelate as well! Congrats!

  • Inarya is Priestess now!

  • Driftan is Warrior now!

  • Wuntila is running Galeres while Cethgus is on LoA.

  • Wolf Guard was closed. Now only Shadow Gate and Oblivion Brigade are left in HQD!

  • MISC: Do the biggest amount of exams during one month, and get both a crescent and a maven for it. Details!

  • MISC: Get a Talk Template done on the wiki. Easy, short, and you get shinies for it. I did it already, because it's a cool template. You do it as well!

  • ALT WRITING: Get a humorous fiction done. The winner will have his fiction turned into a comic by Juda. Cool, huh? He gave us one more day, so you got until tomorrow!!

  • WRITING: Voice's june competitions are over, giving space to the july competitions to start. For the first one, your characters life has entered a different outcome. You never found about the Brotherhood... or your force powers. What would your life be then?

  • ARTISTS: For the second competition: Create the perfect battleplan to win a space battle. Use your clan's battlefleet. This is your enemy, and you can use whatever format you like to represent the battleplan (graphics, photos with legos, etc. =P).

  • WRITING: For the third competition: Many Dark Jedi have left us because of the AWOL check, but it's your mission to bring one of them back to us. Accept the mission?

  • GAMING: There are competitions for EaW (currently running), RC, Halo 3, BF2, and JO. Expect to see them soon!

Medals only for me this time!

  • Ruluk got 8 CFs and 1 AC.

No promotions.


Nothing that I know of.


  • Jaysun Adumarii and Nix Sarne have left to the rogues. AWOL check.
  • VanWyck has joined us.

Okay, I practically got a fresh new battleteam thanks to the AWOL check. Thus, I have introduced myself with this report...

...Oh, and do not fail me. =P

  DJK Ruluk Okoth (Sith)/Qel-Droma of Arcona The Proud Battleteam Leader of Shadow Gate ID 7606

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