Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

"Master, do you know what today is?" The impatient tone from his apprentice was nothing unusual, so Voden failed to muster any interest in the date. His lack of response only caused the stubborn Echani to become more frustrated. The boy grabbed a datapad that was nearby and chucked it at his master whom was still laying in his bed with his eyes closed, attempting to fall back asleep. The projectile hit its target directly, and Voden shot up immediately, rubbing his head and casting a dirty look in the direction of Tyre.

"What was that for?" Voden hissed, his eyes flicking from his apprentice to the broken datapad that was used to get his attention. He reached down and grabbed it, analyzing it intently. Finally, the datapad's purpose was revealed to him, and he scowled as he jumped up and swatted Tyre in the back of the head. "That datapad had my report on it, you di'kut!"

"Uh oh..." Tyre muttered as he himself was forced to rub a tender spot on his head. "Well, you shouldn't have been so lazy! What kind of Dark Jedi Mandalorian are you?"

Voden shot him an icy look that made the Echani discontinue his thinly veiled sarcasm. Looking like an injured dog, the boy retreated back to the other side of the room that he often boarded in. He tried to appear busy, picking up things and reading them, when really his attention was upon his master whom was studying the dysfunctional datapad while muttering in Mando'a under his breath.

With a sigh, Voden finally caved and sat back down on his bed. Looking over at Tyre, he inquired, "So, what is so special about today, burc'ya?"

"You mean you forgot..?" The Echani never could get used to his master's tendency to be absent minded about certain things. It was almost as if he had a selective memory. "Today was supposed to be our day of one-on-one training. Remember?"

Voden appeared thoughtful for a moment and then nodded. "Oh, right. Yeah... I do remember that. Well, I suppose we can get some scrapping in after I rewrite this cursed report."

Tyre bowed his head slightly. "Thank you, master. I shall relieve you to yourself so you may do so. I'll be in the training room, preparing."

"Of course. I'll be right along, then." Voden watched as Tyre ran out of the room before resting his head back onto his pillow and closed his eyes. They had worked every day lately. What was wrong with a little rest?


Medals & Promotions


<ul> <li> Ja Bash</li> (Entire DJB) <li> Jedi Outcast Bash</li> (Entire DJB) <li> BF2 Bash</li> (Entire DJB) <li> Rise of Dark Fire</li> (House Dinaari) <li> Rise of Dark Fire #2</li> (Dark Fire) <li> Halo 3 Drag out beat down</li> (Entire DJB) <li> RC Bash</li> (Entire DJB) <li> Talk It Up!</li> (Entire DJB) <li> EaW Slaughter</li> (Entire DJB) </ul>

The Quaestor's Quatch

So, I'm going to be sitting in a movie theater watching Eclipse in 1.5 hours. I'll tell every one of you all about it when I get back, promise! Some songs I've been listening to frequently as of late are Together With The Sundown by Stephen Jerzak and Dr Blind by Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton. Also, Spain sucks and so does everyone else who pulled for them. This championship was tarnished by poor referee calls and a horrible team's victory. Oh well, that's what happens.

I guess that's it for this Quaestor's Quatch, and with that, the report... er, reprot. Until next time!

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Come into my Quatch

I'll be taking your head with that datapad, next time mandalorian, next time chuckles

Nice report Max. So many awards. :)

Thumbs up for Stephen Jerzak!

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