Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

The few members of Exar Kun had gathered together in the centre of Demodia fortress, watching their Quaestor as she paced from one side to another in front of them. They couldn’t bare to look eye to eye, she didn’t look the slightest bit happy, in fact it even looked worse than her time of the month. But then she stopped, her eyes caught her Aedile’s, his frown looked even more down-hearting. Cassandra looked out to the twenty that stood before her. It only seemed like yesterday, when they were over a strong fifty, celebrating the re-birth of Blades of Kun.

But now this was all who remained, the loyal members of Exar Kun who were proud to bare his name. Although the Quaestor felt broken, her House still stood, they were there, ready to fight to the end.

Her bottom lipped quivered before she tried to speak, she couldn’t find the right words, how to describe the losses. But then it hit her, this was what she wanted to see from the beginning, the strongest and toughest members of House remained. And she knew it was time for a new era in Exar Kun.

“Today…my friends….is a new dawn….”

She sighed, trying to think of the right words.

“ Our losses have been vast, but look around at who remains…the elites of Exar Kun still stand united….and today, from this hour comes a clean sheet and a new page for our future”


Hey there gang!

Well, if you haven’t checked recently the AWOL has come to a close and brought our huge numbered House down to a solid looking 20. I knew losses would have been big, but I never expected so many, especially when it came overall for our Clan. We went from large number from over a hundred down to 43.

However, although it might looked bad, each Clan suffered many losses. We have lost many inactive members, but whom remain are the members that show the most loyalty and activity. The ones who remain will build our House and Clan back to its former power and strength. You, whom remain are our elites.


Octavia has stepped down from the role of Aedile for House Satal Keto, she has been a great asset to leadership and I would like to praise her for all she has done for us. Thank you Octavia, I wish you the best for the future to come.

Vivackus has been placed as P:Voice and Combat Master to the ACC, congratulations are in order, well done Sire!

The Seals of Bone and Clusters of Ice have come in from the Rites of Supremacy, a good amount came in, well done to all of you.

Clan Plagueis also lost a valuable member who requested a transfer, I would like to say good bye to Impetus M’nar. She has served Plagueis for a long time, shown us great activity and loyalty. But her time here has come to an end, but for her service to us, I thank her and wish her all the best.


I am hoping to host a Run On later on this Month, however I running Sign ups before it. So please if you are interesting in taking part in a HOUSE RUN ON please email me.

Exar’s Shadow and Kun academy were both closed down, their service to the House was a great benefit. But with a new era, comes the re-birth of Blades of Kun. Every member in the team has shown great amounts of activity, deserving the well honoured place of a Battle team placement. Tiberius Di Cloud was appointed to BTL, and has so far proved his skills to be an asset to leadership.

With that comes Koga’s proposal, he has constructed the idea of an elite gaming battle team which has my approval. So far he has few selected member whom showed interest in joining the team and is looking for a couple more to make it a solid strength. Contact him if you are interested in gaming and also joining the team.

I would like to welcome back Yzarc Rellik Kaeth Di Plagia, he is a well honoured member of Exar Kun and also a loyal veteran to Plagueis. He once served as Quaestor of Exar Kun, and was highly respected. Welcome back sire, its good to have you with us!

I have high hopes for all the members who remain in Exar Kun. The AWOL might have brought us down in numbers, but now we can see who remains and who will do their best for our House and Clan. We have many strong members in the House, and we are still united, so lets work together and show how strong our House is!


I would like to congratulate all of our members who worked hard and earned a well deserving promotion. Thank you for your hard work, and I hope to see you all keep it up.

APP Saphaun promoted to Novice.

APP J’Mil11 promoted to Novice

ACO Phaeton promoted to Protector


Great work has been put in since my last report, and a lot of medals did come through, so congratulations to all who worked hard.

DJK Ralph Vundu was awarded: 6x Clusters of Fire

OT Koga Kage was awarded: 2x Seals of Bone, 1x Crescent of Sapphire Star

SW Cassandra El’sin was awarded: 10x Seals of Bone, 4x Clusters of Ice, 1x Crescent with Quartz Star

JH Jendan was awarded: 1x Seal of Bone, A Dark Cross for her service as Exar’s Shadow BTL.

OT Kyra Starfire was awarded: 1x Seal of Bone, 2x Cluster of Ice

PRT Phaeton was awarded: 1x Crescent with Emerald star, 1x Crescent of Sapphire Star

SW Galaphile Dupar was awarded: 2 x Clusters of Ice

JH Tiberius Di Cloud was awarded: Dark Side Scroll, 1x Crescent of Quartz star

NOV J’Mil11 was awarded: 1x Cluster of Fire


There has been a good amount of activity going on in this sector, a lot of effort has went into passing courses, so thank you to your hard work!

PRT Phaeton passed: Obelisk Core, IRC Basics, ACC Basics, Brotherhood history 1, Astronomy studies, Philosophy III: Cults, Pre-republic History and Sith Core. He was also awarded a Dark Maven in Philosophy.
OP Habib Ali passed: Wiki Basics

NOV Saphaun passed: Dark Brotherhood Basics

ACO Furious passed: IRC Basics, Training Saber Course, Lightsaber Studies

JH Tiberius Di Cloud passed: Leadership Studies


There has been a couple of things going on in here, please guys take advantage with the new Training/Qualification hall. So far its working well.

Otherwise than that….

Phaeton had his Character sheet Approved.

Vengen Storm shadow was promoted to the rank of Neophyte and had his Character Sheet Approved.

Thought of the day….

" Life is not all about a smooth ride, neither it should be. What separates achievers from others is the way they rise after the fall!"

My final thoughts…

Although I was slightly stunned at first with the losses, I am glad the AWOL has passed. What I see now in Exar Kun is a House full of strong and outstanding members. Many whom I am glad to have here. So for the future I hope to see the best, to see great activity and commitment to the House.

Thank for all who stuck with Plagueis and Exar Kun, it means a lot to have you here.

Till next time…

SW Cassandra El’sin Quaestor of House Exar Kun 10269

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