Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Clan Scholae Palatinae Aedile Report

July 11, 2010

The shuttle landed on the grounds of the palace in the heart of Suzel. A company of Hoka Dachu stood at attention, their ceremonial pikes and durasteel helmets polished to a mirror-like luster. The meticulously manicured lawns and artistically trimmed bushes surrounded the quarried marble castle. A meandering path of rose quartz chips led from the landing site to the massive wood doors granting entry to the heart of the Hoka Dachu proxy queen.

Xen’Mordin led the way, his Aedile to the left and a pace behind. Behind were the men of the Kraken regiment. Not all, but a representative sample, twenty-five men each in four ranks. Their boots crunched the stone chips in precise, if ominous, unison, and the precession went its way into the palace, across the polished marble floor, and toward the Hall of Meeting.

Queen Naktia sat upon the throne, a crimson velvet-lined seat made specifically for her voluminous dimensions. She was a matronly woman, lines creasing her heavy jowls and lining her bronzed forehead. A jewel encrusted tiara perched upon her massive brow, and the waves of shimmersilk and velvet cascaded over her massive form like multi-colored icing oozing over a Sunday afternoon’s drizzle cake. She held a gold and jeweled scepter in her right hand, light glinting off the multitude of facets.

The honor guard from Acclivis Draco parted to left and right inside the doors to the hall and stood to attention against the inner wall, while the Hoka Dachu paraded in and formed two perpendicular ranks to each side of their queen. The decorous throne rose above the floor on a three step platform, granting their royal leader vantage over her thrall.

The two dark Jedi approached the foot of the throne and bowed, not deeply, not in supplication, but in respect for their planetary proxy and tame pet. It would not do to show her anything less than majestic courtesy.

The chamberlain, clad in powder blue vestments, stood to the side, his basso voice booming out and echoing off the stone walls. “The Viscount Vismorsus and Baron Maligo.”

The queen smiled, a false grin plastered upon her heavily rouged and powdered face. As Draco and Xen’Mordin straightened from their bows, a brief look of concern flashed across their faces and both men leapt, almost simultaneously, to either side of Naktia. Their hands shot out, and a Force shield sprang up around the throne.

The building rumbled and shook, the platform supporting the throne rose nearly a meter into the air, then crashed down, tumbling the three beings. Dust rose and blood spattered, the majority of the casualties the honor guard of Hoka Dachu and the small gaggle of courtiers to the royal throne. The Force shield protected the queen and the dark Jedi, the three being merely shaken up instead of ripped limb from limb by the shock wave from the bomb.

For a few moments all was relatively quiet, the ear drums of the various beings suffering trauma from the explosion before being assaulted again by screams of agony and shrieks of terror from the survivors. Draco and Xen’Mordin, their lightsabers in hand and lit, looked quickly around the scene, but no follow-up attack occurred. The soldiers of the Kraken regiment dashed to cordon off the Hall of Meeting, throwing a shield of battle-hardened troops around the throne. The two dark Jedi looked at each other, grim-faced, as the Queen ranted incoherently out of fear and rage.

News and Notices

More leadership changes with Clan Scholae Palatinae. Emperor Thran has stepped down due to real life issues. If you have the qualifications and are interested in becoming Clan Consul send a very impressive application to Muz and Sarin. The HAD Rollmaster position will be announced shortly.

Promotions and Awards

Sodian was promoted to Novice. Famosus Aspicio earned 2 CFs and a CI. Aesir earned 2 Seals of Bone and a Dark Cross. Raiju Kang earned 6 CI, 2 Seals of Bone, and an Anteian Cross. Draco Maligo earned 4 CI, 4 Seals of Bone, and a Cr-1A. Xen’Mordin earned 4 CI, 2 Seals of Bone, and a Dark Cross. RevengeX earned 14 CI. Sykes Jade earned 4 CI. Natth a’Niel earned 6 CI and 2 Seals of Bone. Exodius earned 4 CI and 2 Seals of Bone. Rhaub D’ar Aghasett earned 2 CI. Korroth Karn earned a Cr-1S and an Anteian Cross. Kalak Ragnose earned a Seal of Bone. Eetherbiail earned 17 CFs. Aro-Wan earned a Dark Cross. Congrats to all!


Welcome to new members Famosus Aspicio, Sodian, and Gadon Surrel. Welcome back to Impetus M’Nar. Farewell to Kalak Ragnose, who has moved over to HDS to become their RM. Goodbye to a large number of members who failed to respond to the AWOL check, and now are reposing in the rogues.

Shadow Academy

Sodian passed Lightsaber Studies. Aesir passed Clan Plagueis Hist, Clan Arcona Hist, Brotherhood Hist I, Starfighter Studies, Capital Starship Studies, Writing Studies, and Astronomy Studies. Walker Boh passed IRC Basics and ACC Basics.




Halcyon Taldrya is running several competitions for The Voice. The Fist, Ma’ar-Tirius Ga-Tir, is running a couple of comps. Vexxtal is running Talk it Up! Fremoc Pepoi is running an EaW comp for the whole DB. Taigikori is running a Shadow Academy comp.

Standing Orders

Well we took a pretty big hit by the AWOL check, but considering the level of involvement it doesn’t really surprise me. We are down to just above half strength, but it shouldn’t affect activity. Xen and I are still working on the Annals of Acclivis Draco, and any interest or help on your part is welcome.

Krath Priest Draco Maligo Aedile Dark Paladin

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