Master At Arms Report


Master At Arms Report

Report time. This will be short, but sweet.

Wargame upcoming!

Currently, I'm working on some scenario's that will be released to the clans, that they will have to 'fix' using their Armed Forced and Fleet. I do not have an ETA as of yet, but this will be released before my vacation.

On Trivia: Trivia does not need to be requested as a competition. Clans can run one, and houses can run one, each week. thus, two per member. Revan is an exception: they can run two per week per house.

Running one does not gain you a LoS, and only members from the specific unit can participate. However, two trivia events count as one regular competition (both running, and participating) in regards to promotion requirements.

Finally, the comments: 1)When requesting a position appointment, CC Driftan, too. He's just as capable of doing those as I am, and sometimes he is capable of doing it before I get to it. So, it's in your own interest. 2)We aim to have everything processed within 12 hours, and most is done within 6. If something is waiting for longer then 24 hours, contact us. We might have missed something. 3)I will be on vaction from the 6th of august, until the 27th of August. I'll be in Texas for that time, enjoying the summer. :) 4)Any questions? Ask them in the comments.

~Korras, Master at Arms.

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