Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

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** News **

So big changes happened with the Clan turning into a House and all, and now there are three other Battleteams out there. Good news though, we are very close to getting Clan status again. So just bear with the changes and we will be a clan again in no time.

The Night Hawks revamp is going smoothly with a lot of help from some of the members. Most notably Venator with writing up the entire armory for the Night Hawks. Some changes have occured within the plans though, we will not have a possession system since the DB possession system Is due to be release some time in the future. So to counter this we will be adding weapons to the Wiki page of the Night Hawks so anybody can use one (or more) of the weapons. I am also bring back the Night Hawk armor since it appeared to get lost within the system.

The Run-On is getting better people, and I have such lovely missions for us, so if you want apart of It e-mail me and I’ll see to It that you are included.

Inactivity is seeming to hit the majority of you, but it’s ok. I want to see all of you become active and I am willing to help you if you need it. I might be doing a BT AWOL check at some point so be on your toes. For the rest of you however, don’t worry. I do see your activity and it is noted, I might even have some goodies planed for you soon.

** Competitions **

Night Hawks

New NH Motto <- Ends July 29th

_ Naga Sadow _ The Average Day <- Ends August 3rd Who Does Not Like Kittens? <- Ends August 6th

Plus a lot of DB wide comps, and i mean a LOT.

** Activity **

Venator - Krath Core, IRC Basics, IRC Operator Passed plus a new Character Sheet

Ekeia - Took part in GM Drunken Trivia

Bal - Advanced Lightsaber Studies Passed

** Awards and Promotions **

Ekeia - LoS

** Conclusion **

-No worries on the changes - Revamp coming soon - Take part of the Run-On - Be active

Until next, ~JH Sarconn

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