Part 1 Gaming Statistics


Part 1 Gaming Statistics

The Fist of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Report Part 1 Gaming Statistics

Gaming Statistics:


Amount of People: 12 people Total Games Played: 281 total matches Most noted players: Locke: 29-26 (55 games) Ma`ar: 12-37 (49 games) Ruluk: 21-27 (48 games) Dante: 30-13 (43 games) Sid: 13-12 (25 games) Fremoc: 14-6 (20 games)


Amount of People: 19 people Total Games Played: 877 total matches Most noted players: Robin: 76-104 (180 games) Kaira: 102-59 (161 games) Ma`ar: 38-66 (104 games) Dante: 40-34 (74 games) Fremoc: 50-23 (73 games) Serynh: 28-27 (55 games) Jscumm: 22-29 (51 games) Locke: 27-14 (41 games) Ruluk: 24-14 (38 games) BlazerM: 10-11 (21 games) Ekeia: 7-13 (20 games)

July: Up to July 28

Amount of People: 26 Total Games Played: 1121 total matches Most noted players: Ma`ar: 164-83 (247 games) Robin: 59-90 (149 games) Fremoc: 21-91 (112 games) Koga: 50-36 (86 games) Dante: 57-13 (70 games) Araxis: 58-12 (70 games) Ruluk: 32-26 (58 games) Kaira: 19-37 (56 games) Methyas: 19-26 (45 games) Celahir: 10-27 (37 games) Serynh: 8-28 (36 games) Benevolent: 21-5 (26 games) Habib: 11-13 (24 games)

As you can see as time is progressing, we are getting more and more people to come in and play some. Ive seen a lot of new members from the clans showing a serious interest in gaming. From May to June we gained 7 people, and from June to July we aced it with 7 more, and still have a few more days to go before months end. Good to see members like; Furios, Unus, Araxis, Methyas, Celahir, Crow, Koryvn, Jagen, Phaeton, Muz, Giovanni, Habib, and Koga all stop in with some impressive gaming stats. My applause to these folks for being active in the gaming and making the competitions a success.

StarCraft II

It has been brought up, that people may want to see this game used, I'm all for it too..However, I need to see where we stand with the population. If we can grab a few people that will play this I have no issues with a competition being fit into the mix for August. Either post here in the comments, or email me.

Upcoming Gaming for August:

  1. Bash The Gaming Staff
  2. RC Smash Up
  3. Triple the Knight 3 Pleasure
  4. Howie Special (XWA)
  5. JO Smash up
  6. What was old, is now new !!!! Free Microsoft Game !!!!
  7. May the Academy Rise Again
  8. Triple Good Knight 2
  9. Beat down at the Front2
  10. Smack those silly aliens around
  11. Viva la Military Beatdown
  12. Mando Pride
  13. Double Rise of the Empire

Ok so, I figured I would throw out an update on what all has taken place overall in the gaming side of the DB. Also a update on Google Group email add's Arcona: Added Naga Sadow: NOPE (please add [Log in to view e-mail addresses] to avoid getting left out in the dark on gaming competitions this only hurt your members, which I'm trying to avoid) Taldryan: Added Tarentum: Added Plageuis: Added Scholae Palpatine: Added Revan: Added

AVP Console Event

Yeah so, I'm a huge tease and I will be releasing the pictures of the special awards for this competition on August 1st. 2 Sabers, and Armor are up for grabs just like what was in Halo3. Thanks to the awesomeness of Muz on these. Sorry...but your getting left to wonder what they look like! :P

Free Steam Game and Halo:Reach

Ive already said that Alien Swarm will see time in September, as will Halo:Reach will get a week or so from the launch date of September 17 (However I will be away for that day due to my 16yr Anniversary) Ive already begun to set dates for competitions in September, and these two are the tops on my list. If anyone has ideas that they wish to see used, always shot me a email. October is Vendetta, so I will not be running events during this time.

Anyways, Peace

SBL Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir The Fist to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

I know what the AVP rewards look like! mwuahahaha

Hush tigar :P

I'll play Starcrap 2 with y'all.

Also, why is AvP console only again?

Peace is a Lie, Fist?

Find at least four people that have star craft for pc...and I will allow it

Yes Robin, peace is a lie....cause I love the chaos theory, and just chaos in general :P

Since I forgot to mention one more person...which I appoligize. I need to also thank Archangel as well!!!!

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