Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Sergeant of Marka Ragnos Report

So... who missed me? :P

Yeah, I'm still kickin and breathing. Ole' Mac requested me to take over Battleteam Marka Ragnos, and I gladly accepted. Those of you that want on the team, email Mac or Sai. Those of you that want off, do the same :P even though I'd rather you all not to.

This report is gonna be short, since well, we are brandy spanking new. Currently we are going through our transition phase, going from Clan to House. I've got some work to do on some of the wiki pages and what not, but obviously that can be done quickly.

The Run on Continues! Everyone is heading to Markosian City after the successful defense of Mucenic. Tensions are rising between Fremoc, Bob now Kharon, and Shan Long and also several others. Do not mention that we are a House yet. Fictionally we are still a Clan, until things go hay wire, and cause someone special to step in and smack us.

Thoughts? Concerns? Feel free to ask me.

And now for a tidbit from the gaming corner: TOR Beta is out, so pay attention to your emails, you might be getting something soonish. Next month is going to be crazy for the DB gaming wise. we have 13+ competitions going on, including a "Bash the Staff" comp. Any platform. Want some? Come get us. There's also a mini competition between the Fist and myself, to see who can get the most games in for the next month. Should be fun to say the least.

Real life for me is getting awesome by the day. Been chilling with the people from work alot more lately, and will be having some more of that fun tonight. Air Force should be getting back to me on when I'm going out for processing, so that will be awesome.

Next time I should have some awesome graphics to go along with my report. Until then!

-> Templar Fremoc Pepoi Sergeant of Marka Ragnos Magistrate to the Fist <-

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