Settling the matter of Kelric's Expulsion


Settling the matter of Kelric's Expulsion

This is to finally clear up the Kelric situation. Please consider this the final decision, and while your opinions and comments are appreciated, this will be the end of it.

The DB does not tolerate cheaters. Even cheaters who "confess" after being found out. And I can't BELIEVE what I'm seeing on IRC and message boards and emails about how poor Kelric should be allowed to stay in the DB.

Let's review what Paladin has said about this case:

  1. The cheating took place during one of the brotherhoods admittely few club-wide competitions. I think that in cheating during this time, the defendant undermined something at the very core of the EHs existance. If we cannot guarentee fair competition between our members, then we have a serious problem.

  2. As far as aggrivating factors... given Kelric's long service and high rank, he should have known better. The HCI has seen, in the past several weeks, innumerable cases in which high-ranking members (current and former members of the admiralty, colonels, etc) be caught for cheating. Members of this caliber who cheat discredit us all, in my opinion.

Add to that the email he sends to myself and Paladin regarding being charged with cheating:

I'm guilty as charged, dun know about Magus tho.

Btw, do I get to go up on that nifty HCI website?

And the fact that I made the first intiation is B*st. I stated once "I need wins to stay in first."

He said something along the lines of "report some wins against me"

I asked if he was sure, he said yah. I don't have a log, so it's my word against his.

Looks an awful lot like "If I hadn't have gotten caught, all would be well." to me.

And as for his initial "confession" (after being confronted), I found it to say not much more than "I'm too good to fire. I'm the best you've got for the position of CON, so I figure it excuses whatever I might have done". Hardly what I would call repentant.

I support the expulsion decision 100% for the same reasons it was issued. Therefore it is my opinion that Kelric will indeed be expelled, as the HI/JST ordered.

In response to those who have said that this is too severe a punishment:

The standard punishment for cheating is "Discharge"... which is loss of all rank, medals, honors, awards, etc.

Combine this with the fact that the DB hasn't had a vendetta event for such a long time, and how much trouble this has caused because of that, as WELL as the flippant and almost "smarmy" response from Kelric when he is notified of his charges? The next step up from Discharge is Expulsion.

I think it is exactly as severe as it should be. And this is exactly how it will stay as far as I am concerned.

Cheaters in the DB (and EH as a whole) understand, if you are caught, you will be dealt with harshly.

**Darth Chi Long

Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood of Jedi

Dark Lord of the Sith/Governor Plenipotentiary of Eos


Fleet Admiral/MoH, GOE, GS, PC, OV

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