Herald Report


Herald Report

The first announcement I'd like to make is with the revival of the Grand Master's Royal Guard, we have new warbanner options for you. For joining the ACC, the GMRG, or both, you may request to have a tasset of those respective societies on your warbanner. If you are only a member of one and not the other, you can only have the tasset for the society you are a part of. These warbanners will be available to any rank allowed to have a warbanner, (Guardian or higher).

(P.S. We also have the option to provide Order colored rails, medallions, and tassets on the previously mentioned warbanners. Again, you must mention that you would like these kinds of rails and such until we can get them coded in. These are an Equite or higher perk.)

Along with that, we have allowed this option for Order warbanners. These warbanners are available for Equites and higher. The same rules apply for the tasset. To have these on your warbanner, mention that you'd like them in the additional comments section of the request form. Lastly, this is not a grandfathered event. Any requests made will count towards the Rule of Three. Here are some examples of the sexiness...

Lastly, I have returned to the DB and noticed that many new people have no idea how the HRLD Office rolls or looks at the Wiki page. Seeing as we've come up with the Grind Path towards helping new members get promoted and familiar with things, I will be working on a couple of Shadow Academy courses to familiarize people with graphics policies and what they can expect for their ranks. Think of this as the one class you'll want to see what kind of goodies you get. Once the course is up, expect an announcement from myself and the Headmaster.

Now, let's get the sexiness under way.

(Because I went through and found that a ton of warbanners were completed, I went through and found the top three warbanners that the Staff did that were pretty sexy.)

Completed by Jeric:

Aticus Arjin Habib Ali Inarya

Completed by Dralin:

Solus Gar Rian Aslar Methyas Arcturi L'eonheart

Completed by Ekeia:

Frost Vengen Stormshadow Araxis "Stormreaver" Farron

Completed by Jeric:

Celahir Erinos Angelo Palpatine Dante Fremoc Pepoi

Normally, this is where I take time to have a more one-on-one moment with you all as readers but for once, I have nothing to say that isn't obvious or worth noting. The only thing I can honestly think about to say is I have got to apologize to the Dark Council and the DB has a whole for not being around sooner. While I feel like I have been neglecting you guys greatly, it has given me the chance to realize a goal of mine, on top of bring my creative flow back. It was a much needed break and now I'm ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum... Wait, I have no bubble gum?


grabs the shotgun

Robes: 111 Lightsabers: 353 Warbanners: 390 Miscellaneous: 132

-DA Shikyo Keibatsu Sadow Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Samurai of the Keibatsu Bloodline

/me loves all over teh Shik

Yayyyy HRLD report! Also, your warbanner looks sexier than Smokes and Taig's, Shik. =P

yah! i iz sexzy!

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