Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Report #1

In Orbit over Karufr
Cotelin-class Star Destroyer Justice
Kr'Tal System

Anubis Annedu. The Krath Priest, Second Echleon Alchemist, Lorrdian, former Aedile of House Ektrosis, and newly christened Aedile of House Taldryan stared out the viewport of the Justice, the pride of the Taldryan Navy alongside Shaz'air Taldrya. The man had returned several weeks ago reformed, now a member of the Krath. He was well acquainted with it's members, and looked forward to leading them once more. In the background, the crew of the ship went about their duties. They ensured that the destroyer was running at peak efficiency at all times, ready for action. Several of the Summit's advisors; Vodo Biask Taldrya; Benevolent Taldrya Whiner; Alanna Taldrya; and Jac Cotelin were all gathered around the briefing area, awaiting the two.

The Prelate shifted his gaze from the bright green of the planet below them, to his Aedile. "This is what you've been waiting for, Anubis. Our guests are waiting."

Annedu grinned.

The two Dark Jedi turned, proceeding over to the command center's briefing area; it was rude to keep people waiting, after all. The group of four remained incredibly silent as the two bodies approached, slightly impatient and curious as to why they had been called to the Justice and it's bridge. As the Son of Taldryan and Alchemist arrived at the large holo-table, Shaz'air slipped a datacard into the open slot. Within moments, the powerful processor of the built in computer read the highly encrypted data and began displaying it in front of them.

A large orbital shipyard over what appeared to be Karufr, came into view. It was comparable in size to the repair yards used during the Clone Wars, but was obviously modified to fit Taldryan's needs.

"This, gentlemen, is the first phase of Zealot"

<big><ins>Welcome!</ins></big> Welcome everyone, to my first report as Taldryan Aedile. First off, I'd like to apologize for it being so late. I had a ton of utter crap to deal with, from being sick, to helping my mother around the house while her shoulder heals, and lots of other stuff you don't want to hear about. I'm going to be bringing you up to speed on some of the things that have been going on in the past 23 days, and let you in on some stuff that is coming in the near future.

Because my reports are still every two weeks, we've decided to modify how we're going to do our reports. Sid will be covering any major DB news that arises (including sacramental awards, and Equite promotions. Really big things), while I will be reporting general activity, APP->DJK promotions, competitions, and Tal projects. Lets get down to it. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Dark Jedi Master Howlader

  • Crescent with Quartz Star
  • Dark Cross
    Epis Vodo Biask Taldrya
  • Ruby Scepter
  • Cluster of Ice
  • Crescent with Amethyst Star
    Primarch Benevolent Taldrya Whiner
  • Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 13 Clusters of Fire
  • Also passed Combat Tactics I and Lightsaber Studies
    Archpriest Alexander Anderson
  • Dark Cross
    Prelate Shaz'air Taldrya
  • Pendant of Blood< br />- 14 Clusters of Fire
    Prelate Raiju Kang
  • Legion of Scholar
  • Crescent with Topaz Star
    Priest Lokasena Corvinus
  • Crescent with Ruby Star
    Priest Anubis Annedu
  • 6 Dark Side Scrolls
  • 21 Clusters of Fire
  • Also passed GMRG History
    Warrior Ayden Dane
  • 9 Clusters of Fire
  • Also passed GMRG History
    Dark Jedi Knight Andryan Queldom
  • Pendant of Blood
  • 32 Clusters of Fire
  • Also passed Brotherhood History I and Old Republic History
    Dark Jedi Knight RianAslar
  • Crescent with Ruby Star <big>No promotions?!</big>

Unfortunately, there haven't been any promotions recently. Expect some soon, as we have two new members to the House. Please welcome Cain Cade and Dark Vortex to Taldryan when you get the chance.

<big>Ground Forces</big>

This is the biggest project that's currently going on - and I'm the only one that's currently working on it. What a shame. We're attempting to get our House armed forces solidified and up on the wiki, so that we have something better to reference come Vendetta time (which is only just over a week away) then a spreadsheet. As it stands, our Ground Forces have been split up into three regiments; with four battalions each. They were named after the three masters of Taldryan's Inner Order, Jac Cotelin, Duga Arkarso, and Kir Katarn. Cotelin Regiment and Katarn regiment are essentially the same, while Arkarso Regiment seems to be the 'special forces' of our forces. Lawl.

I started a discussion with Sid about reorganizing our Ground Forces into something different then just a couple regiments and battalions, so that we have essentially more to work with using the same amount of Forces. This discussion hasn't gone very far, but I'll see that it picks back up soon. Besides that, the only thing left to do is to get our troop transportation and equipment up. As always, if you're interested in doing projects please let both myself and Sid know at any time. <big>Dominion</big> Some of you may remember when Sid released the new and revamped Kr'Tal System. Those of you that actually bothered to look at the pages will notice that they're still missing a decent bit of information. For now, the Kr'Tal System is simply going to remain like that. After the Vendetta (if people are interested), I'm going to run some competitions in which you'll actually be able to create your own cities for Tal usage. Obviously, the winning cities will be selected for usage.

The Rybanloth System is also in need of an update. This was started by (former) Proconsul Vorion, and never finished. Before Vodo resigned, he assigned me Rybanloth as well; and I'm going to see that it gets finished. Currently, the project is at a stand-still. With the Vendetta fast approaching, it is going to stay this way until afterward. So endish of October, work on this should begin.

If you didn't catch it above, we have two new members - Cain Cade, and Dark Vortex. Please make sure that you welcome them to the House and make them feel at home. Very recently, one of our own was awarded the coveted Ruby Scepter. Vodo Biask Taldrya, a Son of Taldryan and member that served in Taldryan leadership for the betterment of three years (as long as I've been in this club) was given the award. As many will tell you, no one was more deserving at the time for such an honor then Vodo. Personally, Vodo was a mentor to me - he taught me a lot about the Brotherhood, and a lot about how leadership functioned when Sid wasn't. I was very happy to work with him on the Summit, and even more so to work with Sid on snagging him that scepter. Don't let Shad get his hands on it, Vodo... we don't know what he'll do with it.

Tetrarch Rian is working hard to get Phoenix's blood pumping and activity booming. It's a struggle, but so far he has managed to do well under the circumstances. For those of you not acquainted with Phoenix's rules, please go here. Specifically, look at the activity rules. If you aren't active and don't participate in competitions within a certain amount of time, Rian will email myself and Sid and we will remove you from the Battle Team. Please don't let it come to that, because you may not be allowed back in.

On a personal note... I'm doing pretty okay. Was sick there for a while, but things seem to be getting better. My course up at the college started up a few weeks ago, which is awesome. I had an interview at Honda yesterday with one of the senior mechanics there... but he went to Toronto (a three hour drive) and ditched me. That stung.. In any case, that seems to be about it for this report. Again, my apologies that it took so long. I'll do my best to make sure that it doesn't happen again. If I missed anything, please let me know. Anubis Annedu
<small>Krath Priest
Second Echelon Alchemist
Aedile of House Taldryan

</small>KP Anubis Annedu (Krath)/AED/Taldryan <small>[GMRG: I] [ACC: CL:1]
AC-ToSL / DC-CP / SN / Cr-1R-3S-7E-4T-8Q / CF-GoF / DSS-PL / SI / LS-BL / S:-4Rm-2P-10U-1B

{SA: DML}</small>

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