Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Wow...what a week. I've been extremely busy in RL this past week and have not been online as much as I would like. I hope next week is bit better. Work's been crazy and Muz and I are in the process of buying a house so things have been hectic. But we seem to be on the downside of things now so hopefully, things will be a bit more calmer fingers crossed

Well, there still isn't much to report on this week. A few medals have gone through though so I will get to that. Last week I spoke about communication. Still not seeing a lot of talk on the Forums or in email, but we'll get there.

Ok, this week in medals: Korvyn earned an Emerald Crescent for 1st place in the Aurek: Defining a Cell Comp. Way to go! Tra'an earned a Topaz Crescent for 2nd place in the Aurek: Defining a Cell Comp. Congrats! Aabsdu earned a Ruby Crescent for 2nd place in the Voice's Run-on as well as a Cluster of Ice for participation. W00t! Lambow earned a Cluster of Ice for participation in Voice's Run-on. Nice job!

Congrats to everyone!

There's lots of stuff to do right now. Check out the comps listing here

Daniel Stephens Comp is still going. Where were you when... It ends Sept. 26th so get your submissions in soon.

Smoke's still gots lots of gaming comps going as does Halc, so check out the list and have some fun! Don't forget to copy your leadership here in Revan when submitting your entries so you get credit for participation. Plus we want to see them too!

Eiko, Aabs and I are still working on history stuff. It's not an easy task and we are still bouncing around ideas. I still encourage anyone interested in being part of this to either email us or comment on the Forum link here

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