Grand Master Report


Grand Master Report

The Kaleesh silently rose from his knee, watching the Dark Lord through the eyes of his mask. He slowly stepped back three paces, pivoted and left the chamber, his bootfalls deadened by the lush purple carpet that led back into the hall. He repeated the order back to himself in his head. The remnants of Crask's forces still held sway in some spots of the desert world. Somewhere, there had to be a factory. The few Obelisk that could spare time away from their houses and tried to access the temple reported it over-run.

Over-run, and within spitting distance of the Throne. <p> No wonder the Lord was cross. <p> Ma'ar felt the pressure of the huge doors closing behind him, breathing out a sigh of relief. Now, the hard work of marshaling the response would begin. He turned toward the turbolift, the modern equipment seamlessly integrated into the ancient building.

<p> Pavan took the money and smiled. "Master Ollie, it's been a pleasure doing business with you." <p> The white-haired man sneered at the moniker, but nodded anyway. Now was not the time for transparency. Not with so much at risk. He hated dealing with mercenaries, but with what he had planned, what they had planned... <p> He watched Pavan leave, waited for the magnetic lock to snap shut behind the information broker. He paced the rented suite, listening as the shower in the other room turned off, the hum of the ultrasonic growing quiet. He paused, looking out through the window at the lines of speeders stretching out toward the horizon, weaving through the buildings. <p> "We're all just as connected." Loira's voice broke the silence, appearing at the doorway behind him. "Threads in the tapestry." <p> Where had he heard that before? The white-haired man scratched his chin, returning to the window, scouring his memories. Loira stepped toward him, his hair an entirely different shade of brown, now that he was clean.
<p> "Pavan came through for us?" <p> Ollie nodded, still watching the people flow through the city. "The meeting's in a week. We'll need at least a hundred thousand credits for retainer. It'll take them some time to get together the resources we'll need." <p> "But well worth it." Loira smiled. Even his apprentice could not see all the ends. <p>

<p> The shuttle circled the Academy, slowing down as it approached the landing pad. It banked slowly, coming to a gentle stop as landing struts descended from the chassis. The hiss of hydraulics and the grinding of gears heralded the landing ramp's opening. Taigikori stood out in the perpetual twilight, the light within the ship bathing his face. <p> He dropped to a knee, seeing who stepped from the transport. "Welcome back, Master." <p> The man once known as Aristan Dantes stepped from the craft, heavy boots clomping onto the bare metal of the landing pad. He stepped toward the Headmaster, a swift gesture of an armoured hand communicating his will as surely as words. Taigikori stood swiftly, the codes punched into the access panel in a heartbeat to open the doors toward the private turbolift. <p> "Has Halcyon arrived yet?" Sarin's voice was slow, rough as gravel. <p> Taigikori nodded, gesturing at the turbolift at the end of the hall. The doors opened, and robes the color of forest were exposed to the fluorescent lights. He patiently waited there for the other two sith to step into the lift. <p> Rocketed down, Taigi counted the layers in his head. He tied not to look as Sarin pulled the key from his neck, turning it in the hidden lock, accessing levels that he had only seen when accompanying the Dark Lord himself. It bothered him, being the Headmaster and still not having absolute access to his whole facility, but e buried it behind his curiosity, his desire for more power. <p> The turbolift finally came to a stop, the doors opening. Sarin stepped first, Halcyon and the Headmaster following the deputy down into the very bowels of the vault. At the end of the hall was the ancient lock. Sarin came to a stop, his hands raised as he focused his willpower. The resonant clicks within the metal answered the call of the Force, the doors sliding apart. <p> And found something that they did not expect. <p>

<p> It's report time <p>

<p> We are a week away from Vendetta time.
<p> For those of you that have joined us since February, you'll not have experienced what a Vendetta in the Brotherhood is. It is a time of high energy. It is a time for proving your mettle. It is a time for camaraderie and a time for alliances.
<p> Every vendetta, we try to bring something new to the table, and this time will be no exception. While I don't want to give away what it is that we will be doing differently this time, i will let it slip that new alliances and friendships will be made, and we have a more dynamic setup than in years past. <p>

-> <- <p> The return of the Royal Guard has happened relatively recently. Moving away from a Commander-based system, we have all but automated the guard in the current iteration. There has been some griping that what was executed was not exactly what some folks had proposed a few years ago, and that's fine. No one said that it was.<p> What we do have is a new way for members to earn cool new robes and sabers, and the path to add these goodies is pretty cut and dry. We've not put images out to explain what exactly is awarded at what rank, and there's a reason for that. We want you all to discover that for yourselves. As someone once told me: there's very little 'discovery' of new stuff in the club. We tend to put everything out there. You'll be seeing a few more things like this that unlock and so forth in the near(ish) future.<p>

-> <- <p>

Ask the GM.<p> Horus asks: "Will you be kicking the id in the nuts for indirectly spaming our inboxes with *&^%? :P"<p> Well, no, not really. Firstly, There's not really anything worth doing. Salth has made it abundantly clear that he is not interested in diplomacy with the DB until I start expelling people for trash talking his members and his club. Since I refuse to go against the Dark Covenant and the rights granted by it, he thinks that makes me a weak and incapable leader. At any rate, Salth doesn't approve of Raidoner doing that, and will likely punish him however he sees fit over in the ID. <p> Donos asks: "What kind of things are looking at for the Vendetta next month?"<p> It's a whole week away. :P But you can expect lots of gaming, lots of fiction, lots of other competitions to prove your mettle and score some sweet Seals and Novae. There are going to be some things that we haven't really done in a vendetta before, but you'll have to wait until the first to see what that is.<p> Keia asks: Will DC members get to go back to houses again to compete?<p> Nope. Letting the DC go home to play was a fun thing, but it made it so I had to practically solo the judging for the whole club, which about killed me, considering how many great participants and awesome submissions happened during that Rite of Supremacy.P> <p>

-> <p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p> <-

-> <- <p> TL:DR

*One week until vendetta

*Royal Guard returns, paves the way for other cool stuff

*One week until vendetta

*Fictional stuff

*One week until vendetta


<p> And that's all for this time. If you have any questions, or anything I can help with, pm me on IRC or shoot me an email. Have fun! <p>

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Ooooooh, I gotta get me a Stormtrooper emblem for my vehicle. Also who was the ID? Only thing thats coming up in my mind was the old Intel Division in the EH.

Imperial Directorate

Boo! ID! Boo!

We found Oberst's porn in the vault, didn't we.

I like Halc's digs found in with the rest of the SW pics

Good report, Muz. I agree with aforementioned cries of dissent against the ID. Oh, and with Vodo; Halc's new getup is quite fancy. The Bryar Pistol makes me crave JO.

Why is it I'm not mentioned in your reports anymore, Muz? I know you love me, dammit. I don't know why you won't take my phone calls, or drop me an email... it's the stalking, isn't it? Look, I've told you, I know you really don't want me to stop, even though you claim to. Just get over it and love me, Muzzy.

Heh. Actually, my real comment is, quit posting "cool" Star Wars pics, and get back to posting the scantily-clad hot chicks that really aren't Star Wars nerds, but give so many people hope. I know Shadow will agree with me on this one.

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