Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

<div align="left"> _ His first clue that he was dead came when the pure white with its irrepressible flaming agony evaporated. But that same moment he felt and heard the rasping hiss of lava wind surrounding him. He saw himself in the middle of an obsidian platform carved with lava-rivers. Direct in front of him stood a person, tall and menacing, clad entirely in black robes. His face was mess of deep wrinkles and fissures from which two fiery eyes fixed him. His knife-thin lips twisted in a perpetual sneer. A voice which seemed to come from everywhere at ones snarled: "Tell me what craves you to disturb me?" Rians heartbeat accelerated, he tried to speak but his tongue refused its duty. Finally he managed to answer: "I am here claim the title of..." He couldn't finish his answer. He gasped. The cold, strong grip of the Force was on his throat, lifting him irresistibly upright until he stood on tiptoes. The man's gaze remained firmly fixed on Rians. The blood in his veins turned to ice and all he was able to do in reply was starring in horror, wondering what had gone wrong. Her accuser went on: "I see you clearly, Rian Aslar. I know what stirs you, what you are trying to hide from me. I feel your doubts as well as your certainty. It is all about proving that your comrades are right by entrusting you that you are ready to claim the title of Flame Lord. That is all what you desire. That is what fills your heart." The smile of the dark robed man went icy and Rian braced himself to receive the punishment he deserved. But instead the invisible hand that wrenched him from head to foot relaxed.

He sank on one knee heavily breathing. The slender staff in his hand clicked open lengthways at one end and a blood-red blade snap-hissed to life. "Your feelings demonstrated to me that you are a true servant to the Phoenix, Rian Aslar. I endorse your claiming for the title Flame Lord." He felt the lightsaber drifting so close to his neck that he could swear the blade would ignite his hair. The blood-red blade retreated then it was deactivated with a hiss. A flash of pure white light took away the flaming pit and Rian was again in the middle of the searing flame pillar, but this time it was different. Instead of pain he felt only cure. Slowly every cell of his body regenerated and recreated him piece by piece. The moment the flames had finished his regeneration the pillar vanished. The first thing he saw were the faces of those who have never seen this ritual before being awfully pale, like drained from all blood. Those of Phoenix who have seen it or have already passed it by them self glanced at each other with growing curiousity waiting for the most important words from their Tetrach. Still standing in their middle he opened his eyes, his implants were gone and flames danced in his renewed dark amber colored eyes. His voice was rasping as if his vocal cords were still burned "Phoenix...He has accepted me as Flame Lord."_


<div align="left"> Our time has come. For eight month, we prepared. We grew stronger. While Revan rested in the cradle of its power, believing their title is safe. They assumed no house could challenge them and now...finally... we will return. Only one week left until the next Vendetta starts and you all know what this means... So get your blades sharpened and your Blaster-packs loaded. It is time to claim back our title as First House of the Brotherhood.

General News

<div align="left"> Ok lets focus on the most important news. The Grandmaster has released a Report so take a look and read it here: News

<div align="left"> Like our Aedile Anubis has done too, you can read it here: AED-Report

<div align="left"> Also the House summit has asked all of us to send them a mail, telling them in which kind of Vendetta-events we want to participate and in the case of gaming which platforms we use and the games we own.


<div align="left"> There are still some competitions running until the Vendetta starts, so get up and do some stuff: Competitions

Member Activity

<div align="left"> Nothing to tell except that there was nearly no activity in the Battleteam.


<div align="left"> I know real life is still heavy on all of us but you are the ones responsible for the success in the Vendetta so please participate in as much events as you can, this will help us to show the other houses that we are the only one worth to bear the title First House and thank Revan for warming our chair while we've been out to party. Also I want you to remind that I won't have any internet access on Wednesday and Thursday this week (29th - 30th). Finally don't forget to log into the House (#Taldryan) channel on mIRC, as this is the best and fastest way to get in contact with other members as well as the summit (if you got any problems). That's it for now. Have fun and until next time.

<div align="left"><dl> <dt>DJK RianAslar </dt> <dt>Tetrach of Phoenix of House Taldryan</dt> <dt>Dossier #10701</dt> </dl>


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