Aedile Report


Aedile Report


The clouded eyes of the Warrior scanned the small crowd before him, the huddled mass of dark infidels sending a painful ripple of the Force through his spine. His yammosk tissue ebbed with excitement as his captors acknowledged his presence, their combined hatred of him palpable in the air. He was their second in command now, and whether they liked it or not, the Gods smiled upon him with their favor.
The tasks before the muscular Sith were numerous, trading one life of servitude for another. His new military lay in shambles, unorganized into a chaotic mess, and it made his blood boil. Slowly but surely the creature aimed to make sure that his superior's dream would come to fruition, for he had adapted nicely to the loathsome life of the infidels.
His comm link buzzed with excitement, soliciting a snarl of anger from the Warrior. He clicked the metallic button, static erupting from the dead technology as a canned voice danced from the speaker.
"Sarak, come to my office. We have news to discuss." said the voice.

Serious Business

Salutations, my Housemates. My name is Sarak Shai, and I am your newly appointed Aedile. I can't begin to describe how happy I am to be able to say that, nor can I begin to explain how much Plagueis feels like a family to me, so I’ll leave them both at those comments. Cause I truly am happy to help any that need it and I do see you all as family, which is to say drunken aunts and uncles or blabbering cousins who spew random thoughts and sentences into an incoherent masterpiece of wonder.
Some of you have made your concerns clear to me, others used me as a soundboard, both functions I am happy oblige those that are seeking someone to talk or vent to. But, on to actual matters now.


Yes, boys and girls, ladies and gentleman, it is that time again where we find ourselves dusting off our gaming skills, polishing our writing ability, and shaking the webs from our graphic minds. This lovely event starts on Friday, and sadly we as a group have not been given much information as to what will be going on in said event. However, as many of us can tell you, Vendetta’s are a great thing for people yearning for activity. I expect to see oodles of emails from various higher ups stating this person did this amazingly well, and that person’s graphic brought me to tears it was so orgasmically beautiful. In fact, I’ll even go so far as to say the person who earns the most points for us in the Vendetta will receive something special from me, what that something is remains to be seen, but I always keep my promises.

Military Reboot

We as a House are reforming our military, and with this reform comes a reboot of our point system. Basically, this is our way of giving all a clean slate and giving those members that are always insatiable when it comes to work a chance to rise in our military. Basically, everything that you do now will be tallied up and totaled, and depending on that score, you will find yourself better off than some. We also have been placing members in the various Branches as per their request, so if you have not yet told Kal or I which Branch you want to be in, please do so ASAP. Failure to do this will result in us placing you in any branch we choose.
Branches are Army, Corps, Intel, Navy


So, apart from the numerous competitions that Halcyon and The Fist have out now, there are also five others that one can do.

Damage Report Education of Admirals Enter the Swarm [Strike Fear into the Enemy <a href="">But wait, there's more!</a>

Those are the five competitions that are being run by Kal, myself, or Vexxtal. Halc and Smoke both have numerous competitions out there as well. Recognized Member

I always find myself reading reports and looking at lists of what numerous members have done, and other than an "atta boy/girl" nothing is really ever said about those members. I would like to change that. In each of my reports, I will pick one of our members who has busted their hump since my last report, and take the time to appreciate them further. (Please take note: This is in no way me saying I like this member more than others or that this member has done the most out of all the members, it is just my way of saying “You are recognized as an active member.�)

This reports Recognized Member is Navrez.

This protector of ours has busted his butt when it comes to earning Clusters of Fire, earning 75 total in the last 3 weeks alone, as well as completing 4 Shadow Academy Courses this month. Navrez, for those who do not know, is among those in the GMRG, something I could never get into and something I think is a great organization among our gamers.

Congratulations Navrez!

Name the Quote

I've noticed the some Leaders do a fun little "Figure it out" or "Think about This." type of thing, and since I love doing them, I'm gonna make you all suffer through some more.

Name who says the quote and what they are referring to and you’ll get nothing of interest or value.

"Fools. What choice is there but to use them?"

TL:DR *Vendetta is coming up, prepare. *We are rebooting our military, if you didn’t hear about this yet, you’ve been living under a rock *Navrez is my Recognized Member for This Report *I'm Your Aedile. *Comps!](

Nice report.

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