Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

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"Revan Nian," Eiko muttered to himself as he adjusted the droid's viewing range so that the droid wouldn't be able to sense anything beyond a shallow field of vision. He knelt down on the reed mats, tightly laced and beaten into flooring.

The droid settled into a stable hover, locked in stasis just below Eiko's eye level.

"From Sigma Horizon to Sigma Horizon - achuta. We are Revan."

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There's a lot of information I'm going to recap here - some of it coming from all the way back in September (pre-Vendetta). Hang tight. I'll try to prioritize it so I don't bog you down with the useless stuff.


News and Competitions

  • Brotherhood -

Disorder just finished up. Results are still being pulled together - though we might speculate on the results now, expect an official report reasonably soon. Congratulations on a Vendetta well-played.

If you're looking to help the whole club out (which you should be!) and want to help continue the quality of the DJB Wiki, consider applying to be the T:W. Details here: http://darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/post.php?id=5979

  • House Revan -

Nine of our members participated in the Vendetta. In twenty-seven entries, we collected for our House a total of 4 Novae - excluding events that are still being graded. Special congratulations to Sanjuro for rocking the second week and general thanks to the Obelisk, Sith, and Krath who helped make this Vendetta as successful as it was.

Week 1: Poetry: Dalthid (1st), Eiko (3rd) Week 2: Graphics: Sanjuro (1st) Week 2: ID Scan: Sanjuro (1st)

We are in the process of pulling together a regular writing event that will start up here soon. Details will be sent through the newsgroup.

Now that Vendetta is over, we are going forward with our House History. Please stop by THE FORUMS if you'd like to contribute or would merely like to ask if you can be included in the discussion.

Welcome KAP Mitsuhide Akechi and ACO Lei'ella Akechi into our house. Mitsuhide has been a part of our House since before the Vendetta, but this is the first chance I've had to formally welcome him into our house. Lei'ella transfered into the House once House-to-House movement was allowed again. I'm excited to continue working with both of them as we move forward.

As you may have seen through the newsgroup, KPN Lambow left the House recently to deal with life outside the DB. We wish him good luck and hope to see him back once life has quieted down a little.

  • Aurek Cell -

Aurek Cell is still accepting members. If you'd like to regularly participate in events and stay active in the house, please send an e-mail to Aabsdu, Ashia, and myself so that we can put you into the team.

The current competition for Aurek Cell focuses on creating a House-specific ACC venue. You want to fight in Killik caves on Salas V? Make it happen! Remember, participating in these events is crucial to being a part of Aurek Cell. It's also crucial to the House as a whole - these ACC venues might be used in future ACC competitions or simple in-house competition and training. Whatever happens, they are going to impact the way that members of this House fight in the ACC. Do your best work. I can't wait to see your submissions.


Aabsdu has earned his Dark Savant - Writing and Philosophy and Dark Maven - Writing, passing Poetry Studies.

Mitsuhide has passed Runon Studies, Poetry Studies, Astronomy Studies, Obelisk Core, and Philosophy I: Views with his eyes firmly set on several degrees.


The blue light faded in the droid's single eye as it settled quietly into Eiko's hand, blindly accepting the tinkering of necessity. When Eiko had reset its field of vision, he let the remote follow him as it hung just beside his shoulder as he stood up to leave.

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