Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

** -> House Revan Aurek Cell Commander's Report #3 26 October 2010 <- **

Greetings, team!

The vendetta is over, after three weeks of intense competition, with the Obelisk taking the victory. Did you enjoy it? I have mixed feelings, but I know one thing: I'm looking forward to next year's Great Jedi War! Hopefully you all managed to participate as much as you could, especially since House Revan won the last rite of supremacy. I only managed two events, one fiction, due to college work, but I tried. Now that the vendetta is over, however, we can move on to more pressing matters. Specifically, our own competitions, as well as recruiting more members.

State of Aurek

First, remember that Aurek Cell has a wiki page now, but it could be so much better. Take a look at it, and if you have any ideas for how to better flesh out the team, send them my way and we'll get them implemented. Specifically, a logo would be awesome, if anyone can or knows someone who can do that. Also take a look at the rest of House Revan's Wiki pages, because a lot of them are still in the development stages.

Now that the vendetta is over, we start looking towards the next big event, 2011's Great Jedi War. How will we be preparing for it? Lots of competitions, and hopefully high enough levels of activity to warrant some sort of in-house mini-vendetta, because those are always fun. Right now, House Revan is still going through a lot of development, and Aurek is playing a large role in all of that. Specifically, our newest competition, detailed below.

However, in order to be truly effective, we need more members, it's as simple as that. Only nine members participated in the Order War RoS, which is ok, but nowhere near as good as we could be, and we'll need to be a lot better for the Great Jedi War. Right now, there are five slots still open on Aurek's roster, so here is my challenge to you: each of you should look over Revan's roster and find a member, no matter their rank, who you think is active enough to join us and contact them. Include me on the email, and hopefully we'll be able to gather up enough support to fill out the team!


Per custom, the Brotherhood is in a post-vendetta phase right now, so there aren't too many major competitions going on, but we do have an Aurek Cell competition, which, as always, participation is required in to remain in the roster. Many of you did not participate in the Wiki comp, so here's your chance to make up for that while helping out the house along the way. Basically, we need some ACC venues, like the other houses have, and Eiko has granted Aurek the chance to come up with those. Details can be found here! This competitions runs for a week and a half, so have fun!

News from the Outer Rim

Rite of Supremacy: Disorder has concluded, with the Obelisk Order taking first while the Sith and Krath tied for second. Participation across the board was pretty decent for a non-GJW, but Revan certainly could have done a bit better. No worries, though, because like I've already said so many times in this report, GJW10 is less than a year away! For now, the Brotherhood enters into almost hibernation while we work on development, but that doesn't mean we won't stay busy.

I, personally, took the opportunity during the vendetta to do some character development of my own. Aabsdu had a vision during the battle. He saw Sith Lords of past and future, and then he saw Korriban. The whole reason the character came to House Revan was to relax away from the politics of the Brotherhood and delve deeper into the Force. Now the Force has told him to travel to Korriban, and to Korriban he will go. I look forward to where I can take my character from here, especially as we approach what will surely be an epic GJW.


Well, that about sums it all up. This report was meant to close out the vendetta, congrats again to the Obelisks, and make sure everyone knew about Aurek's recruiting efforts as well as our newest competitions. You may be tired from vendettas and school, but as long as you're finding time, I'll find time right alongside.

That is all.

Dark Side Adept Aabsdu Dupar Commander of Aurek Cell, House Revan

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