Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Battleteam Dorimad Sol Battleteam Leader's Report #1 10/26/2010 SW Rayne


I am Sith Warrior Rayne, newest BTL of BDS. I originally started off in Caliburnus and have been BTL, RM, and AED there as well. I'm married (IRL and IC) to Archangel. Don't worry, I know how to shut him up :P


  • Discorder Vendetta is over! Well done to everyone who participated. Obelisks win, unfortunately.
  • If you are good at gaming, and are interested in helping train others, be sure to contact the Fist and his Praetor as they are looking for trainers for November.
  • Welcome to Reman, the House's most active newest member, already achieving Novice on the first day, and soon Acolyte!
  • Koryn resigned as BTL of BAD, good luck to him in future!


Xantros - SA: Writing Studies, Leadership Fundementals - Medal: Cr-1R-1A, CI x1 - Submitted to the Fiction event in the first week of the Vendetta! Great job!

Reman - Promotion: Novice, Acolyte (soon) - SA: Obelisk Core, GMRG History, Dark Brotherhood Basics - Signed up on Forum and appeared on IRC!

Archangel - NOTHING, but did a lot of work for the Vendetta, placing twice! Well done! - Transfered to Battleteam from Nightstalkers - Way too much IRC - Loads of CFs from the Vendetta!

Rayne - Submitted to numerous events during the Vendetta, and placed three times! - Became BTL of BDS!


None yet, but coming soon!


Hope to see more activity from you in the coming weeks. Thanks to all how participated in the Vendetta and made it fun. If you need anything from me, don't hesitate to talk to me on IRC or through email.

~Erianna "Rayne" Victae ~Sith Warrior of Dorimad Sol of Scholae Palatinae

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