Aedile Report


Aedile Report

I would like to apologize for my absentism as of late. Muz and I finally closed on our house and I've been spending all my free time packing as we are moving this coming Monday. I'm very excited as this takes place the day after our second anniversary so it's pretty special.

Well the Vendetta is over and I have to say, Revan didn't have a lot of participation. We had nine people participate out of the entire house. That's not much and there was such a vareity of things to do from fiction to gaming to graphics. It really is ashame. To those of you that did participate, Eiko and I thank you.

We have a Dark Maven and a Dark Savant that was awarded recently. Both our very own Aabsdu. Congratulations and well done!

We recently had Mitsuhide Akechi join our ranks from the rogues. Welcome aboard and glad to have you with us!

Also we have a transfer from another house recently. Lei'ella Akechi joined the DB recently and was put into another house during the Vendetta. Now she is able to join us. Welcome, Lei'ella!

For House Revan only, Eiko has a comp running: Zodiac Writing (Scorpio) Competition runs until November 22, 2010.

There are quite a few other competitions being run by Halc, Smoke and Fremoc. Check out the competitions listing here

Well, as stated above, I am moving in a couple of days. As such, I will be without internet for awhile. They are unable to get us installed at the house until November 10th. I'll have some access to email via my phone, but that's it. We were really hoping they could be here this next Tuesday, but the 10th was the soonest they could schedule us. I will be placing myself on LOA as Muz and I are on vacation this next week and need a break to get settled and do some relaxing together.

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