Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

<font size="4">Kaira sat at her desk in her office as her mind wandered to what her students were up to. She had told them both to go study but she knew that they wouldn't listen if they could find some way around it. Yet she wasn't going to play babysitter today with them. If they chose not to do as she asked but rather something they wished to do that was fine.

There was far to much on her mind to worry about just two journeyman. Koga had been off with there little girl for a few days now. She had been to busy to try to get to see them but today she would make that time. So the young archpriest pushed her work a side to leave it for another day.

Family at some point where it was her house family or her personal family had to always be first in her mind. There for she would take care of the house tomorrow today was for her personal family. Some times she needed a day off and that was today. </font>

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<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4">Hey there house. Sorry I have not been on much the last week was out of town and we had a big event with foster dogs over the weekend.

Now I am back from vacation!!!!! We have a few things to talk about one being our house is very active I like that. Lets keep it going guys!!!

The Seals for the Vendetta have gone out if you see any mistakes please email your house leadership!

We have a new house a light side house by the name of Odan-Urr. go a head and check it out.

Training days for gaming. Yes that's right the gaming staff has set up trainers to help you with gaming. If you would like tips or tricks form those that game a lot come game with us this Saturday. The games this Saturday will be JO and BF 1 and 2.

Keep up the hard work everyone!!!!!</font>

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<font color="#800517">Gaming Contests</font> Chess Month 11/1 - 11/30 JA Guns Only 11/8 - 11/16 RC Bag ‘em and Tag ‘em 11/16 - 11/30 Slice em with a saber 11/17 - 11/26 Console Gaming: MOH 11/17 - 11/23 BF2 Week 11/23 - 11/30 Console Gaming: Black Ops11/24 - 11/30 BF2 Week 11/27 – 11/28 Double CF Weekend 11/27-11/28

<font color="#800517">DJB wide Contests</font> <font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">[Voice] Hymn of Victory</font></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">[Voice] Jedi Tracker</font></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">[Voice] Load The Can(n)ons #3</font></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">Lego DJB</font></font>

<font color="#800517">House Contest</font> <font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">[Army] Whispers in the Wind</font></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">[Corps] Burn The Skies</font></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">[Intel] Know Thy Enemy</font></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">”[Navy] First Encounter</font></font>

<font color="#FF0000"><font size="4">In the Jungle, The mighty Jungle....</font></font>

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<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4">A number of you have updated character sheets. There has been one match as well. JH Furios vs. DJK Du'moth and our winner is Furios. Great job Furios!</font>

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<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4">There are a number of medals please bear with me though this. Seal of Defiance will be noted as SoD Navrez- Dark Cross, CoF 8, SoD 4 Koga- CoF 12, SoD 4 Maol- CoF 27, SoD 6 Voden- LoS, Sapphire Star Zeon- Dark Cross, 7 CoF Habib- SoD 6 Vessicant: SoD 1 Kaira Rohana: SoD 6, 3CoF Armand al'Tor: SoD 1 Kal di Plagia Vorrac: SoD 3 Vivackus Kavon di Plagia: SoD 1, and Seal of Loyalty Cassandra El'sin: SoD 5, topaz star Sarak Shai: SoD 3 Vexer Thrace:SoD 3 Jendan Aybara: 2 Mograine: SoD 3 Ralph Vundu: SoD 1 Tiberius Di Cloud: SoD 8 Unus Domus: SoD 2 Furios: SoD 5, 3Emerald Star, 8 CoF Imichua Haruki: SoD 3</font>

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<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4">Zeon passed- GMRG history, History Of Sith Empire 1, Brotherhood history 1 and 2, Habib Maven in Philosophy Congrats! Furios passed History of Sith Empire 1 and Combat Tactics 1 Alaris passed the Chamber of Justice 2. Congrats Alaris</font>

-> <- <p> <font color="#488AC7"><font size="4"> Promotions: Zeon promoted to GRD. Great job Zeon keep up the hard work!

Furios is now a JH great job keep up the hard work!!!!

New members: no new members yet

Leaving Members: Jendan and Denath have both gone to the new Light Side House, Odan-Urr.</font>

<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4">Need a master? Are you a master without a student? Well look no father then right here. Your Rollmaster is looking to help you out. If you need help please email me and we will find you a match. Good luck to you all!

Viv-Furios Kaira-Imichua and Zeon Unus-Navrez</font>

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<font color="#488AC7"><font size="4">We are coming up on the holiday season around here and I hope you all are ready for it. I know that I am almost ready for it. Really I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. So why not leave me some comments as to what you would like to see in the way of contests for the holidays. It must be star wars related. I have a few ideas but lets see if you guys don't have some as well!!!</font>

<font color="#571B7e">KAP Kaira Rohana (Krath)/RM/Plagueis [GMRG: I] [ACC: CL:1]

SB / GC-PoDP / SC-SoA / AC / DC-CP / SN-BL / BN / Cr-1D-2R-12A-24S-35E-14T-10Q / PoB-BL / CF-PlF / CI / SI-BL / LS / SoL / S:-21U-12B


Prodigy of Plagueis‏

House Rollmaster</font></font></p></font></font></p></font></p></font></p></font></p></p></font></p>

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