Grand Master Report


Grand Master Report

The white haired man recognized the mercenary's armor, thought he saw something familiar in his pattern, the glimmer behind the T-shaped face-screen familiar to him. The Master set the datapad down, sliding it across the table at the man.

The mechanical sound of his vocoder sounded distant. "What is our timeline, Loira?"<p>

He smiled.<p>

<p> Pavan stared at his newest client. The man had an interesting accent, his voice deep and calm. He let his hands fall on the parcel that the man had pushed his way a moment ago, slipping the knot off the top of the pouch and letting his eyes fall upon what lay within. <p> If Pavan was talking, he would have stuttered. He had expected currency, not ingots of precious metal. There was more than what his fee was by ten times over. Pavan closed the flap quickly, looking up at the man.<p> "I don't know what kind of services you thought I would offer, Fastblade, but I'm just in intelligence..."<p> He turned his head slowly, long hair sliding off his shoulder and onto the table in front of him. "I have assassins, Pavan. I need the best intel. I need it accurate, I need it detailed, and..." <p> Pavan leaned back in his chair, waiting for him to set down his glass and complete the sentence.<p> "...I need it before anyone else." <p>

<p> Nightfall. The entire courtyard was nearly empty save for the few initiates who remained meditating below. Beyond that, the port teemed with droid patrols, marching back and froth along a steel floor. Underground, the libraries continued to thrive with activity, as newer and older Brotherhood members alike pored over texts and experimented with their own powers. <p> Taigikori was back in his office at this point. He was on his fifth cigarra, the stump burning into his fingers as he looked out of the viewing portal. His Praetor had left the vicinity a few hours ago and was still on a long journey back to the Yridia system. His Magistrates and Professors were attending to their duties, teaching evening classes or tending to special case members who had disobeyed the rules of the Academy. How the Headmaster loved the vibe of punishment. <p> In the corner of his mind, he thought of his wife. Jendan had recently become an Assistant Professor, working under her husband for the sake of darker education. He smiled at the thought of the Aybara family influencing the ways of those who would seek the Iron Throne in their foolish route to power. And how many of them would fall. <p> He was disrupted in his thoughts when a violent rush of power seemed to race toward him like a speeder bike. The intensity nearly caused him to duck, as if a dagger were being thrown at his head. The Force pulsed around him, disturbed and paranoid. Taigikori exhaled. The threat had arrived. <p>

<p> Already the metal corpses of four magna droids lay at Liu's feet as he circled the remaining security forces, their blasters mechanically aimed at his head. The bright green blade of his saber did the dirty work - the master of the weapon was unfiltered, unnerved, undaunted. The Jedi smirked at the sight of barrels threatening to shatter his skull into several pieces. He couldn't take this seriously. <p> This is the best the Brotherhood can come with? He thought as he swung his saber outward and caught three blaster bolts before they finished their journey toward his face. In a majestic jump, he sliced another droid into two long halves like a log, its scrambled metal innards serving as the splinters. He slammed the butt of his hilt against another droid's head before dismembering it, then just as fluidly decapitated three more. It happened so methodically, so rhythmically - how Jedi always loved to dance. <p> "We-ask-that-you-cease!" a droid attempted to command in a tinny voice. If it had had any emotions, Liu was sure it would've been fear. Dark Jedi always succumbed to that, and he smiled as he lifted his saber upward and nonchalantly jammed it into the droid's chest. <p> "No one tells me to stop," he said, "until the deed is done." He then jerked the blade out of the metal, leaving a cauterized abyss of melting steel and wires as he moved like a blade among weeds. <p>

<p> The Headmaster was already descending the stairs of the tower when the Force swelled in a massive crescendo around him. The intruder was already on the move - he knew now it was a someone, not just a something, that disturbed his Academy. He briskly leapt from the final step, his robes swishing violently around his ankles, as his hand instinctively fell across his belt. <p> Always there. <p> Taigikori hesitated as he stepped to the door, allowing his eyes to settle on a small viewing portal. As the Force pounded against his skull, he saw a tall man moving about the courtyard, eyes darting to and fro as a lightsaber's green light danced about the area. Those initiates still outside quaked with terror - the Headmaster could sense it, even without having to see them flee. The man did not move to strike them. Instead, he moved in another direction, toward the very place that Taigikori bemusedly expected he'd go: The Dark Vault. <p> Now he knew that Dacien had been right in his report of this man: Nothing like a rogue Jedi to tend to and do away with him. Unlatching his saber from his belt, Taigikori allowed the hilt to grow warm in his grip as he silently stepped out of the tower, attempting to mask his presence as he went to greet the newest arrival. <p>

<p> The Gand moved silently from the Dark Hall, a retinue of Guardsmen in colorful uniforms escorting him to the waiting transport, the paint of the logo upon it still moist. As hi moved up the ramp, he watched them turn with military precision and file back into the building. Ji let himself relax a moment as the metal airlock sealed. He reached within his robes to produce the small ovalish communicator. <p> "Solari." The Gand's voice sounded odd through his breathing apparatus.<p> "Consular Ji." The synthetic voice was barely garbled by the transmission at all, and Ji quickly attributed it to the digital origin. "You survive."<p> "As I told you I would." Ji nodded. "As Master It'kla said, Even the most corrupt soul seeks redemption somewhere deep within."<p>

Shikyo stared at his brother, his mouth open.<p> Muz turned slowly, noticing the look upon the Herald's face.<p> " {Why.}" Shiyo spoke slowly, clipped words in Kyataran. " {Did. You. Not. Kill. Him.}"<p> Muz tilted his head, a touch of cruel glee curling the end of his mouth upward. <p>

<p> It's report time <p>

<p> The first thing that everyone already probably knows about, to some extent or another, is the approval of the newest Independent House Proposal. House Odan-Urr is a grand experiment in broadening our horizons in the Brotherhood. Their reason d'etre is to provide a home for those of us who do not identify strongly enough with the 'Bad Guys of Star Wars' and yet still wish to be a part of the community. The fictional rationale behind the DC allowing such a deviation to survive will come to light soon enough. As of Monday Odan Urr opened its doors and was officially a House of the Brotherhood.<p>

-> <- <p> To answer a few questions quickly about this... Orv was gracious enough to allow Odan Urr member's Orders to display as Consular, Sentinel and Guardian. These are not true orders, but rather masks over the existing ones that only display for those within this house. We will not be going to the trouble of creating new Order ranks or Lighty-only force powers for this, as it is just an experiment at this point. It is possible, that if it works that we will look into those things, but as of right now, we're not working on them.<p>

-> <- <p> Over the next few days, you will see the release of some really wickedly cool lightsaber deviations in the Lightsaber selector. These will be the ACC Society awards. The idea is that those of us who have excelled in the ACC would be veteran enough to earn the right and skills to use these weapons. <p>

-> <- <p> There's also a really cool set of robes that will be available to those of a certain rank within the ACC society, called the 'Sable Dawn' set. <p>

-> <- <p> <p>

<p> What else are we working on? Obelisk awards for the Disorder Vendetta are getting worked on. Also, Shikyo and I are working on the stuff for Herald Style Hanukkah. Taigikori is working on Grind Path stuff as well as a way-cool plotline-driven competition set up that ties into the next couple of vendettas. And work on the next Great Jedi War has already begun in earnest. We're keeping VERY busy.<p> <p>

<p> Ask the GM.<p> Donos asks: "When can we expect the next vendetta (to) be?"<p> No rest for the wicked, I see. :P But yeah, we're already working on the next Vendetta. It will be a Great Jedi War, and we're setting a tentative time for it as next summer. There'll be Independence Games in April, though to break up the wait. <p> Solari asks: "Are you 'The Man'?"<p> I think I have heard that once or twice before. ;)<p> Cethgus asks: What made you join the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in the first place, and when you joined did you ever expect to be GM?<p> Honestly, what drew me in was that i was working on a Fan Film (that never saw actual production) and was trying to find some stuff on making custom lightsabers and happened upon Kaine Mandaala's custom lightsaber guide and then joined on a lark. I kinda didn't do much the first couple of months or so, then came back and found it was cooler than i recalled. I did not expect to become GM, and didn't think that it would happen until about a year into my stint as Deputy Grand under Sarin. <p>

-> <p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p> <-

-> <- <p> TL:DR

*House Odan-Urr opens

*ACC rank awards coming very soon

*Obelisk Awards being worked on

*Herald Style Hannukhah coming soon

*Fictional stuff


<p> And that's all for this time. If you have any questions, or anything I can help with, pm me on IRC or shoot me an email. Have fun! <p>

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I hate to complain, but surely the ignition key for the center lightsaber (the 'spear') would be near the middle or the 'foot' of the 'spear', where the users hands would be?

Otherwise, AWESOME images.

I guess that depends on how you use the weapon, Arch. The way i figured it for these weapons was that they were modular, and you could shift things about on them...add the staff for a spear, add a perpindicular post for a tonfa, etc.

Muz... can I say that I love all of those saber hilts without sounding 50% gay? Because well.... I do love them. And the Sable Dawn robes are sexy. Great work, as always. And Indy Games 2011! Woot.

Who names their kid Loira? Seriously.

How will the new Light Side House react to a GJW, anyway? Will they just oppose the other houses?

No, we'll bake cupcakes dummy. :)

Ok, apparently people are confused as to what was actually important in Muz's report. For those who are incredibly retarded, let me reiterate it for you in a friendly, much less subtle point of context:

Blah. Blah blah.

Other stuff.


[Hot Chick Taking Pic of Herself In R2-D2 Swimsuit, holy hell.]


Blah blah.

That's all you need to fucking know. :P

lol honestly beef, I didn't even notice it was an r2-d2 swimsuit....just glad to finally see a hot girl in tight clothing on this site.

Ryujin must have missed the days of Lexy.

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