Aedile Report


Aedile Report

The semblance of order had returned to the Cocytus System. Wandering down the dark halls of the Imperial Palace Xen'Mordin wondered how such events like that of Disorder had managed to shake the Brotherhood to its core. So much foolish violence. He reflected on meeting his own Housemates in the field of combat. Now once again, they worked diligently together once again.

But something was stirring under the surface. Scholae Palatinae did not have the control of the system it wanted or needed. The general population was afraid. Just a few hours ago, Xen received word of another attack from The Cause. This terrorist organization had been a thorn in the Empire's side for a long time, but now...They were gaining traction.

Xen knocked firmly on the door he had finally come to. The Shaevalian who answered blink rapidly for a moment before saying, "Do you have ANY idea what time it is? What could possibly be worth waking me this early? I had barely gone to bed."

Xen stared for a moment before replying, "They hit us again. A hospital full of wounded soldiers from the battles from the disorder. So yes. Get up. The Hardwood isn't going to be happy." Archangel sighed and walked off with Xen to go work.

Report Time! I know it has been a while, but once again it is time for a wonderful and informative Aedile Report. There has been a LOT of stuff going on since my last report, so be ready for a big one. Also you may notice I finally have some eye candy here, thanks to Archangel. Thank you for helping my report look better!

First off we had a lovely Vendetta, Disorder. While it was very different from previous vendettas, it was good to see such a strong attempt from our house. We were very well represented in the standings. Notably massive props to Dante, Robin, Arch, Kael and Korroth for putting forward such a massive effort in numbers of events and placing. As well props to everyone else to participated. I know I had a lot of fun working on it, and I hope you all did too. Next big things happening DB wise are an Independence Games in April and the next epic Great Jedi War sometime over the summer. I hope we can get an even stronger turn out for those then we did for this RoS.

Related, the bulk of merit awards for participation in the RoS have gone out with only a few exceptions, due to limitations we have on what we are allowed to put in. Hopefully the last few should be out sometime this next week. I apologize for the delay in getting all these out. And if you wish you got some merit. Make sure to participate in these events. We do reward people for their efforts!

House-wise, I am sure you all have heard by now that Kalak, our lovely Rollmaster, has resigned. He is now going to be working on the house histories for us, and we are very glad he is willing to work on it. As such he has asked for any information that people have on the history of House Acclivis Draco be sent to him so he can archive it and make sure the wiki articles are up to date. Also some may have noticed that Battleteam Acclivis Draco was closed. While unfortunate, we as a summit felt we needed to attempt to strengthen the Battleteams, and in order to do so, it was necessary to close one of the teams. We hope that in the future we will be able to reopen this great battleteam.

With Kalak's resignation, we have appointed Archangel to be the new Rollmaster. For those of you who don't know, the RM's primary focus is on the Journeymen of the house, and helping members reach DJK. We are very excited to have Arch back on a summit position and know he will do fantastic.

If you are looking for things to do, please take a look at the competition listing on the main page. There is even a handy Competitions Relevant to Me link there so you know you are looking at ones you are eligible for. Doing competitions is a fantastic thing and I hope you regularly find ones you are interested in.

Remember, if you have an idea for a competition, please tell us so we can have you run it. We love it when members have ideas and want to participate in running competitions.

In conclusion, great work on everything people. Keep up the fantastic work. I also hope those of you in the the U.S. have a fabulous Thanksgiving. Until next time!

Xen'Mordin Vismorsus Aedile of House Scholae Palatinae

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