Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


<div align="left"> Well Report time again, sorry folks, this report was planned to be out much earlier but real life has forced me to reduce my fictional life to a minimum. But finally here it is the actual Phoenix BTL-Report.

General News

<div align="left"> The Grandmaster has released his latest report, as well as Anubis has released a new Taldryan Aedile Report. Read them here and here. Also Sid has announced the launch of the [Taldryan] Intern Rollmaster Program and I highly recommend that those of you who fulfil the requirements send in their applications for it until Dec. 3rd.


<div align="left"> Currently there are plenty of DB-wide competitions up, so jump up and hang into them: Competitions

Member Activity

<div align="left"> Our new Seals of Defiance as well as some other medals have been sent out recently below you can see all of your achievements listed:

  • Bubbles Taldrya

  • Seal of Defiance (1x)

  • Rian Aslar

  • Seal of Defiance (7x)

  • Seal of Loyalty

  • Grand Cross of the Dark Side

  • Silver Nova

  • Jesse

  • Passed the Astronomy Exam on the Shadow Academy

Wait did i miss someone? Yes you are right but OP Raiju Kang has left Phoenix as well as Tal and became a member of the newest Independent House Odan-Urr. Good luck on your way Raiju.


<div align="left"> That's it for now. Remember to get some stuff done and show the true Heart of Phoenix but above all have fun, seeya.

<div align="left"><dl> <dt>DJK RianAslar </dt> <dt>Tetrach of Phoenix of House Taldryan</dt> <dt>Dossier #10701</dt> </dl>


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