Gobble Gobble edition


Gobble Gobble edition

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood Fist Report for Novemeber, Thanksgiving Style...Gobble Gobble

Statistics for October and Novemeber

October Total Matches: 1397 total matches Amount of People: 51 people JA: 239 matches, 24 people JO: 478 matches, 36 people RC: 237 matches, 11 people BF1: 102 matches, 4 people BF2: 244 matches, 14 people EaW: 74 matches, 11 people XWA: 18 matches, 4 people XvT: 4 matches, 2 people

November 1st to 24th Total Matches: 596 total matches Amount of People: 27 people JA: 208 matches, 13 people JO: 94 matches, 11 people RC: 142 matches, 10 people BF1: 0 matches, 0 people BF2: 106 matches, 11 people EaW: 20 matches, 5 people XWA: 0 matches, 0 people XvT: 0 matches, 0 people Chess: 26 matches, 12 people Console: 0 matches, 0 people

Finished Novmeber Competitions

November (what I was given from Fremoc)

JA Guns 1st Cado 2nd Reman 3rd Kano

EaW Not enough people to award Crescents, but honorable mentions to JScumm and Maol

Console Gaming: Medal of Honor No submissions



Republic Commando till the 30th Sabers till the 26th BF2 till the 30th CoD:BO till the 30th Double CF weekend 27th-28th Chess till the 30th Gaming Trivia Novemeber 30th at 7pm CST


Halo Reach till the 31st (Team and Singles action) 3 Comps in 1 (JA-RC-EaW) till the 31st Beat Down the Headmaster in JO till the 31st Beat Down the Fists Preator in BF2 till the 31st Alien Swarm 17th-31st End of Year Awards Jan 1 - Dec 31st Training Days: 12/4: JA/JO/RC and 12/18: BF1/BF2/EaW Gaming Trivia December 30th at 7pm CST <-

Gaming Servers

Jedi Academy Currently Down, No Idea what happened to this server.

Jedi Outcast Currently Running IP: Pass: djbrulz - Custom Maps Installed - No Mod - 3 Administrators

Republic Commando Currently Running IP: No Pass - Custom Maps Installed - No Mods - 3 Administrators

Magistrate to the Fist

Big props to Kano on being hired! In the future we might look for another magistrate, but at this time things are slow goings and it wasnt needed for a 2nd person.

The Fist is back?

Thats right, finally my lab work for the computer class I enrolled in is done, and after a a 900 dollar bill to repair someone else mess I have returned to active duty. Thankfully I have 3 weeks of classes left and only 3 exams to go, and then the semester is finally over. So what can you expect to see? Fremoc and I have decided to go the route of longer competitions for the month of December, this way it gives you the people a chance at 2nd level crescents or higher. Also with the year coming to a close soon, we have 4 merit awards on the line for gaming ranging from a Grand Cross to a Dark Cross just based on how many wins you have.

Grand Masters Royal Guard

Dont forget, to unlock perks you need to have an 85% on the shadow academy exam first, then do some gaming as your Clusters of Fire will be the only thing to get you ranked up to the next level. Only 1 level per month is allowed. Current roster is on the wiki page, at last look we currently have 44 guardsmen. The next ranking will be on December 1st.

Vendetta Novae and Seals

Korras should by now have them all awarded, Ill look and make sure, so I dont get blindsided by someone in a few weeks wandering if they were getting them or not. being patient is the key! Seals have been done for some time. Congrats to all that got awarded.

Clusters of Fire Awarding, Crescent Awarding, and Pendant of Blood Awarding

Clusters of Fire These will be awarded on a bi-weekly basis once on the 15th, and then the final batch done on the last day of the month before the GMRG rank generator is pressed Crescents These will always be awarded shortly after the competition has ended. Pendant of Blood These are now monthly and will be awarded on the 1st day of each month.

Server Administrators

Republic Commando and Jedi Outcast: Kano, Fremoc, Smoke (See any of these people if you need assistance with the servers)

Great Jedi War of 2011

No Idea what is going on with the gaming, I havent heard anything, there for I cannot answer any questions about what could or couldnt be in the vendetta. Suggestion would be ask Halc, Muz or Taig.

Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR)

As you may have seen the post by Arion, new stuff is always coming out. However last I heard the game was delayed (no shock). Go and check out the website and read and read if you need information. As for what the DB has in store for this, Ask Sarin and his crew for information, sounds like he is taking that bull by the horns and doing something with it.

-> SBL Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir The Fist of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood The Commander of the Grand Masters Royal Guard <-




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