Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report


Welcome to the first ever Odan Urr Rollmaster Report. My name is Jendan Aybara, your Rollmaster as appointed by Ji and Windos. I'd like to start off by thanking them both for giving me this chance to prove my stuff, and also thank Muz and the Dark Council for making this house a possibility. I'll get right to it, there's tons to report. :)

New Members

From the Shadow Academy -Murtallica, our very first recruit. Make sure to give Murt a warm welcome! -Zachary

House-to-House Transfers -Kira -Fang -Krandon -Habib

Final Roster count: There are 21 members in House Odan-Urr.


Novae Jendan: 1 Silver Nova Ryujin: 1 Silver Nova, 1 Bronze Nova Korroth: 1 Silver Nova, 1 Bronze Nova Solari: 2 Gold Nova

Merit Awards Sang: Dark Cross Korroth: Dark Cross

Clusters of Fire Kira: 5 Clusters of Fire Murtallica: 10 Clusters of Fire

Shadow Academy Murtallica: DB Basics, ACC Basics, Wiki Basics, Capitol Starship Studies, Starfighter Studies, Combat Tactics I. Murtallica is on a roll!

Promotions! Murtallica: Promoted to Novice, Acolyte, and as of today, Protector! We're expecting great things from Murtallica.

Master Student Program

As Rollmaster, I'm opening up the Master/Student Program officially. If you're above the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, you're eligible to become a Master. Anyone Jedi Hunter and below, as apprentices. Should you wish to become an official Odan-Urr Master/Student participant, send me an email with your apprentice's name an email. As it stands, the official roster is as follows:

Master Student Jendan Murtallica


We have a large amount of competitiotns for everyone to take part in, thanks to our awesome leadership.

[Odan-Urr] Best friends foreverest! [Odan-Urr] Jedi said what? [Odan-Urr] New Beginnings

Up for some Gaming? There's literally a dozen competitions for the month of December. Any Star Wars platform, you name it. Just remember to be logged into #DBGaming when you're setting up matches!

That's it for this report. I can't wait to start seeing more stuff being put into my Activity Tracking Record.

Useful Links:

News page:

The House Article:

The Promotion Guide:

The Dark Side Compendium:

The Forum:

May the force be with you,

Jendan Aybara Rollmaster of Odan Urr Assistant Professor

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