Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

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# Battle Team Leader Report

## Sukhur's Legion of House Arcona

### 3 December 2010


Archers eyes floated back and forth over the reports on his desk, combing through the datapad for every detail to make sure that he had it right. Since assuming command he had spent the past few weeks ensuring that all the activity reports were up to date. It was a habit of his, one stemming from an approach that might cause most to mistake him for a perfectionist. But it was all the same to him, and he merely believed in giving credit where credit was due.

But more then that, there was one other aspect that he believed in. Knowing what the people he was responsible for were up to. A leader can never be too cautious, he often told himself. His door slid open, interrupting that train of thought as he looked up to see his second in command, Inarya, emerging from the corridor.

How did you do all this? He jested as his eyes met with hers curiously.

Practice. She slowly moved to his desk, placing another datapad on it. It makes perfect. I brought the latest reports from command. There are a few commendations as well.

Good. He looked down at the datapad for a moment. The sort of thing I like to hear.

Theres even one for you. Congratulations.

Ah. He looked back to the crimson Twilek standing before him. I will worry about that later. We have been making great strides lately and I would like to keep up the pace. He reached for yet another datapad, this time looking over the schematics for an installation as he became lost in thought. We should schedule a couple drills next week. I want this prisoner grab to go as smoothly as possible.

More practice? She teased.

Makes perfect.


Its that time again. Now that most of the awards have been tallied for the Disorder Vendetta I have to say we are looking good. Believe me I had to comb through my emails to make sure these numbers were as accurate as possible and apologies if they are a little off. So without further adieu, lets begin.

  • Wally has just finished his work on the Arcona Contract Bureau. I urge everyone to try it at least once to show support. CHECK IT OUT HERE.


  • Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar has transferred to House Odan-Urr. May he have the best of luck in future endeavors.


True to my word, I created a fun little survival horror competition for all of you, and I hope you all enjoy it.

  • New competition for the Battle Team. Hope you all will submit a fiction. ADRIFT.

######### PROMOTIONS

  • None so far.

<h10> AWARDS </h10>

  • Archer Merchant: Dark Sage: Writing. Crescent with Topaz Star. Crescent with Quartz Star.

  • Inarya: Seal of Defiance (x2), Crescent with Sapphire Star. Cluster of Fire (x7).

  • Cethgus Entar: Seal of Defiance (x5). Crescent with Amethyst Star. Cluster of Fire (x32).

  • Driftan Housan: Seal of Defiance (x7).

  • Du Maurier d Tana: Seal of Defiance (x2).


Well the Battle Team Allocation event did not turn out quite the way I expected seeing as we still have no new members at this time, but its good to see that you have all been doing Sukhurs Legion proud. And given the sheer number of awards, if I am off by one or two, I do apologize but I have an inbox flooded with approvals for awards and counting them was a bit of a pain. I will also admit at first I was a little worried about the email turnaround, but the sheer level of awards from Disorder to now speaks for itself. Keep up the good work, and seriously do any of you sleep? 32 Clusters of Fire so far, Ceth? I remember the old days of Counterstrike when it would shout unstoppable! for such exploits.

Also if you caught it at the end of my brief opening, Inarya came to me with a wonderful idea for a runon and I hope that we, as a Battle Team, can see it through, and maybe inspire a little awe from the rest so look for it in the coming weeks. Happy holidays everyone, and hopefully you all have a good Christmas and remember to get me a birthday present.

JH Archer Merchant (Krath)/TET/Arcona DC / Cr-1A-1S-2E-1T-1Q / S:-2U


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