Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

The mist in the training ground settled around the two Journeymen, their swords were clung together, blades screeching along side one another. The Novices battled against each other's strength, until eventually Kaixa took his own advantage and turned it back on his opponent. Using his little strength in the force, he spun the attack back and then slammed his weapon around again, letting the tip of its blade snatch across Eivil's abdomen. Doubling back in pain, his blood slowly began to drool out around his hand as he pressed down again it. Kaixa raised his sword again, its tip now shining with a faint blood red, and swung it down in a furious arch. But even as his blade lay inches away from his Opponents flesh, some type of force was disallowing the strike to continue any further.

"Enough! rely on the force too much and Grimstroke, your talents with a blade are pathetic, how can we progress you when you don't understand the basic principles!"

Out from no where to the eyes of the young Journeymen, the newly appointed Roll Master dropped down in front of them. She was watching them always like a hawk, waiting to pick up her own prey, to finish the job before they could.

"Ma'am El'sin....I errr, I apologize" Kaixa said, sinking his head low.

"The simplest of movements, that slight flicker of the both miss judge it, eagerness and arrogance will only lead to are far from know the true meaning of being a warrior"

Above them, Kal stood along side his Aedile, watching their Roll Master and the Journeymen with their own wandering eyes.

" She is being to strict with them Vorrac, how will they will they progress when she has them homing in these techniques rather than the knowledge they need to earn that rank of Knight"

The Quaestor just gently smiled, he looked from the three down below towards the Vong Sith that stood by his side. A gentle hand gesture followed and the two turned around, back to business within the Dark Tower.

"Sarak, she knows what she is doing, letting them know that the way of a Dark Jedi is not just knowledge but putting careful thought into the way we move and attack, or even reach into the force. It is that she wants them to understand...just her ways of teaching it, to show it, is a little different"


Well guys, it is nice to be back among the House Summit and leadership, but my thanks have to go to Kal and Sarak for appointing me to this position. I am Cassandra El'sin, Sith Warrior of Plagueis, one of the veterans so to speak and now I am your Roll Master. I see a bright future for our House and it is my dream to help get it there.

Firstly before I go into the usual major report stuff, I would like to give my gratitude to Kaira Rohana. She has served Plagueis as Roll Master for a very long time, and has done a great deal of work for it. Kaira has done a great job and I hope I can give you the same. Thank you Kaira, For all you have given and done for us!

With that said, its time to get this thing moving...


House Odan Urr opens up, after being in rumours and building, the first Light Side House has come alive in the Brotherhood. It is a Jedi based House, in which their own colours, orders and ranks are being reorganised for. Some pretty sweet stuff from there that is for sure. Just a shame we had a few good members request a transfer to there.

In Other major news, Orv has been doing a lot of updating in dossier's and changing the lay outs of the pages. You may notice, you have lost a few options on your admin page, such as Character History, as that is all what the Wiki is for. But lately he has successfully started his work of an Avatar picture option and has given our dossiers a more up to date look to them. Some great work there, check it out!

Also from today, there is a new brand of ranking within the Brotherhood called "Prestige". I am still a bit lost about the idea, seems like it was stolen from the idea of Achievements and Trophies from the Xbox and PS3, built to make a leader board so to speak. But it still seems pretty cool, the more point you have, the more you can unlock. Plagueis has a good few high ranking members there, so its all good I suppose.

Next on the list, there are a couple of positions opened up Brotherhood wide. Right Hand Of Justice is open up for application again, check out the main page for more details. Also, P:MAA has opened up to applications as well, so if your interested and fit the criteria, why not apply.

Fremoc Pepoi has been announced as the new Fist, so Congrats to him!


Kaira Rohana steps down as Roll Master, and I am announced as her successor.

Plans are still being complied together for the future "Reboot" event, we have a a base story line to come off, so it is very much in the works. If you would like to know more or even just help out with its preparation, contact our Quaestor, Kal Vorrac.

The Military Officer ranks are now complete and being updated with activity accordingly, you can check them out on the Plagueis Forums.

Within that, I would like to congratulate Alaris Jinn in his placement as 0-11 CAG of the Starfighter Corps. Also a round of applause to our newly promoted officers, Commander Maol Nor Lexu and Flight Officer Zeon Blacktoon.

We also say goodbye to DJK Laigerick, who has left us due to real life. I hope everything turns out to be ok and that you will return to us soon.

If you like to help on the many Projects the summit has in the working, please feel free to contact us.


The Ascendant House has new members that are here to hold up our flag, and to keep the heart beat of Plagueis going. I would like to welcome those new members with open arms, so that we can guide them to the rank of Knight and show them what we are truly capable of. So without further a due, Welcome...

Eivil Grimstroke

Kaixa Nor Lexu

Kushz Nor Lexu




We have had members Avail in our House in the short time I have served as Roll Master, they have worked hard and shown to us they have skill. They have worked greatly on their trials and completed them, they are active, they are great. I would like to thank them on their hard work, and hope that they keep It up...

Eivil Grimstroke promoted from Apprentice to Novice

Kaixa Nor Lexu promoted from Apprentice to Novice

Navrez promoted from Protector to Guardian


Hard work comes with great achievements and rewards, and this is something that we always prove to fight for. Members have gone out there way, worked hard, something I am very much proud to see. So thank you to all those who still fight for Plagueis, that still work hard, and keep our light burning.

DJK Maol Nor Lexu awarded: 43 Clusters of Fire and 2 Crescent of Amethyst Star.

KAP Kaira Rohana awarded: 2 Bronze Nova, Crescent of Emerald Star and 16 Clusters of Fire

OT Koga Kage awarded: 15 Clusters of Fire and Crescent of Amethyst Star

GRD Zeon Blacktooth awarded: 7 Clusters of Fire and a Crescent of Emerald Star

JH Furios awarded: 3 Clusters of Fire, a Legion of Scholar and a Crescent of Amethyst Star

GRD Navrez awarded: 17 Clusters of Fire and a Crescent of Emerald Star

NOV Kaixa Nor Lexu awarded: 2 Clusters of Fire

And finally,

DJK Voden Arjin awarded: Crescent of Ruby Star


Members have adapted to the way of the Brotherhood and taken on the knowledge they need to progress through the ranks. They have studied and worked hard to complete these exams, and are owed a warm congratulation.

JH Furios passed: Wiki Basics

ACO Zuser passed: Star fighter Studies

NOV Eivil Grimstroke passed: Combat Tactics I and II and Pre-republic History

DJK Maol Nor Lexu passed: GMRG History


For activity and stuff to do, we have many competitions that are running you all can enter. As I said, hard work is rewarded. So here is a list of what is going on at the moment:

[FLEET] In the Shadows.

[PLAGUEIS] A Christmas Greeting

[PLAGUEIS] The Christmas Carol

[FIST] Graphics

[FIST] Beat Down the Fist's Praetor

[FIST] Beat Down the HM

[FIST] JA/RC/EAW Smack Down

[FIST] Console Gaming: Halo Reach

[VOICE] DB Star Fighters

[VOICE] Flow-Walking

[VOICE] Load of Can(n)ons 4

Dark Side of the Moon


"Many people think opportunity looks like a free ride, a chance to grab on to something, to be powerfully and quickly swept toward fame and fortune with a minimum amount of effort. But that's not opportunity. That's fantasy"


Since my appointment to Roll Master, I have seen some great work come out of Plagueis, and I would like to thank everyone for that. I hope that this will keep up and that our House will become dominant and powerful once again.

So look to the near future, where hopefully there will be a lot going on within the House. We have the Reboot to come and many other events.

Keep up the great work guys, your doing great.

Also, if any Journeymen need help with their trials and tasks, feel free to contact me.

In Darkness

SW Cassandra El'sin Roll Master of House Plagueis Grand Admiral of the Fleet 10269

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