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Wiki Tribune Report

### Wiki Tribune Report

<small>Report #2, December 6th 2010</small>

Hey all, it's been just over a month since my last report, so I thought that I would give you all a quick update about what's been going on recently regarding the wiki. Nothing too major... and where the hell are my report graphics, Arch?


Transclusion What is transclusion? It's basically when you take a page with a large history, create new pages (an example would be Fremoc Pepoi/PartOne or Shadow Taldrya/PartTwo) and move the history from the main article to the new pages with a special link that allows the information stored on the smaller pages to appear on the main article. As of now, all articles above 50kb will be transcluded into two or more pages. This is mandatory. If you don't wish your pages to be transcluded, you can reduce them in size. Any pages that are currently above this limit have been tagged with the { {Exceed Limit}} template and will be transcluded in the near future.

Lightsaber and Warbanner Images Previously, guidelines for these kinds of images stated that they weren't necessary to be on your pages. I've changed that. Instead, they are allowed to be on your pages... but have to have an accompanying paragraph and be within close proximity to those paragraphs (such as right above/below/beside). It's understandable if you have multiple kinds of these images, but that accompanying paragraph for them is a must.

Wiki Staff As you all may have heard, I selected my new wiki staff. I cut it down tremendously, eliminating... three, positions I think it was. The new staff now consists of myself, Solari, Archangel, Fremoc, Muz, Sarin, and Benevolent. You'll notice that I kept Benevolent and Solari (Formerly Windos/Vexxtal). They're both hard working, and wiki dedicated. I mean... Windos is still on the wiki more then I am. Which really says something about the guy, Get a life. :P <3

Quote of the Week x2? In a conversation with Muz a while back, the scruffy old space samurai said that if we had a decent influx of quote nominations coming in, he wouldn't mind if we even changed it from once a week to two. After thinking this over for a bit, I've decided to open up a little report-poll on the matter. Do you think that we should start featuring two new quotes every week instead of one?


Wikipedian of the Month: Habib Ali

Featured Article: Eriro Dusquen

Habib Ali has recieved a Dark Side Cross for becoming the newest Wikipedian of the Month, while Ronvi Tavisaen Tarentae recieved one for getting the article "Eriro Dusquen" (which by the way, is one hella odd name) featured

Wiki Awards Windos - Working Man, Minor x2 Fremoc - Minor x2 Archangel - Quote x2? or x1 Ronovi Tavisaen - Quote Venator - Minor x4

As you can see... not many wiki awards were given out this month. This is due to my complete inability to award them.... well. Better then I should. Because he was so awesome at it before, I'm calling in Solari (Windos) to start awarding these when he sees they need to be. As the grandfather to the wiki awards, he'd be involved with their upcoming update anyways.... but this gives him something to do.

Competitions By December 10th, I will have (at minimum) two DJBWiki competitions submitted to the database for approval. When they start, I'll make an announcement and give you all the details. That sound good? Sexy.

Advice of the Month

Never work at a car dealership.


Well... that's really all there is for this month. Not a lot went on, and I'm 100% to blame for that. I'm hoping to have a better run this month, but the holidays are fast approaching. These reports are also going to start being organized a hell of a lot better.... So much to do! P.S. If anyone decides that they're looking for something to do... just look around. There's lots to do, especially on the wiki. If you can't find anything, come see me. I'll find something for you to do. :)

Anubis Annedu <small>Wiki Tribune Aedile of House Taldryan</small>

I say keep it to 1 (One) quote per week. Keeps it level, and keeps the content from getting watered down with overuse... after a while, people will just start submitting even more pointless quotes.

I say retain the option for two, so that if you have two worth posting you can, but don't get rid of a good one for a pointless one.

If you have two, post one for one week, then post the second one the following week. Using "if" leaves that there's only a possibility of there being two, whereas it'll be much easier to obtain 1 than two. Unless there's a continual flow of more than 2 quotes coming in each week, then it wouldn't make much sense to have two quotes a week.

Also, how will two quotes be displayed on the Wiki? Will it be one every half week, or will there be two displayed one above the other?

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