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The House is progressing nicely. We have had some explosive growth with new members comming in from the Shadow Academy and transferingfrom other Houses. It's a pretty clear sign that there is a strong desire for a Light Side House within the Brotherhood.

We're discussing the future scruture in the house, all I will say at the moment is that you should look out for oportunities to be even more active (and therefore earn more shinies).

Odan-Urr Competitions

The only competition currently being run by me is [[Odan-Urr]] Jedi-Motivator. This competition requers you to use the Motivator Builder at to create a funny motivator using this image:

Extra points for humour, send your entries to Ji and I. You have until my next report (first Tuesday of January) to get submissions in.

Other competitions include:

Christmas captions

Mistletoe and Wine

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas...

[Odan-Urr] Best friends foreverest!


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