Fist Report 12/18/2010


Fist Report 12/18/2010


So this is my first report as Fist of the Brotherhood and I'd like to say thanks to Muz for giving me this opportunity to be the Fist after Smoke stepped down in November.

Secondly, the sexy graphics you all are seeing were made by the Herald's Praetor. Thanks Jeric.

Time to get down to some business.

As I've already talked to Muz, and thanks to Orv's coding mastery, the DB now supports Halo PC, Halo 2 PC, Halo 3, Halo Reach, and StarCraft 2. There will be additions to the Rites of Combat for these games, which my staff and I have been working on. The Halo Franchise will be treated like every other FPS the DB currently supports, and StarCraft 2 will be a new RTS that we can play.

Speaking of new platforms for us to play, I created a topic on the forums for everyone to add their thoughts as to what Sci-Fi games they'd like to see added. Click Here

These games though, need to have screenshots sent to me and my staff. There will be a function in the future where you will be able to just put the screenshots(or links to screenshots) on the submit scores page.

Speaking of Staff, I hired Angelo Dante and Cethgus Entar the other day as my new Magistrates. Dante is an old school type gamer and a former T:G, so he brings quite a bit of experience to the table. Cethgus is a major console gamer, and will be helping bring console gaming into the DB besides just Halo.

But with new Staff, sometimes comes with other's leaving. Kano resigned from Magistrate the other day due to him no longer having internet for a while.

There are 5 comps going on in gaming right now;

Beat down Taig in JO which is self explanatory, catch Taig in #dbgaming and challenge him to JO. Beat down me in BF2, which is self explanatory as well. Try and beat me in BF2. JA/RC/EaW Smackdown, is basically play the other Star Wars platforms and get crescents for it. Theres a console gaming event for Halo:Reach, so go play. :P Alien Swarm returns for a two week event where you can play through the entire campaign, for crescents and CF's.

Be prepared for Drunken Fist Trivia on the 30th of this month, I have no idea what I'll come up with this time. :P

The guys and I will be talking about next months comps in the next few days. If you want to suggest something, feel free to email the three of us.

As for the GMRG, we have still have our training days going on. Today is the EaW and BF series training day, so get some training in peeps. There's going to be something in store for you all in the future so get your training in. There will be more training days next month, especially for the other platforms.

Short version of my report: -New platforms: Halo Franchise and StarCraft 2 -Dante and Cethgus are new M:Fist -Kano resigned -EaW/BF series training day today -Fun comps goin' on

That's it for now peeps.

Fremoc Pepoi Fist of the Brotherhood

Welcome Fremoc :)

Halo 2 (PC)...find me on at different times (X-Box Live Tag: ForwardTurtle8)

Halo 1 (PC) : Best Buy $19.99 Halo 2 (PC): Best Buy $19.99

Other places have them, but dont waste your time with Steam, as they do not cover most if not all Microsoft games for the pc.

Those are some snazzy graphics!

P.S. I'm seeing the graphics reach well over the edge of the news post. I was pretty sure they didn't do that yesterday... not a huge issue, but it's just a little strange.

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