Fist Report


Fist Report

Greetings everyone!

I know everyone's going to have a good night tonight since its the new year, but I figure its a good time to do a bit of report with some stuff that's happened over the last two weeks. And I know everyone wants to get to their parties, so I'll keep it short. :P

Firstly, after a discussion with Muz, Alien versus Predator has joined the list of supported games by the DB. This is actually the first game that is supported by the PC, 360, and PS3 that is supported by the DB.

Secondly, yesterday I picked up new servers for the DB's use. Click here for full server listing.

Training days will be going on this month on the following dates:

1/1 - BF Series 1/8 - Eaw and StarCraft 2 1/15 - JO/JA 1/22 - Halo 1/29 - RC and AvP

Those of you proficient in these games that want to be trainers, email me ASAP. Thanks

Also this month there will be Double CF days on the following: * 1/2 * 1/18-1/19 * 1/30

5 competitions will be run this month: Body Count - Created by Dante. This competition puts an interesting twist on Battlefront 2, where the one with the higher amount of Kills win the game. Old versus New - Created by Cethgus, this comp puts members that have been in the DB for 3 years or more against those that have been in the DB less than 3 years. EaW:Ground Only - A game type that isn't played that often by members of the DB but some members have asked about. So.. Have at it! JO CTF Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood - Anyone wanna assassinate a fellow Brotherhood member? Go for it. :P

Lastly, in #dbgaming, there are some commands scripted for your benefit:

!lookup RC Server !lookup JA Server !lookup JO Server !lookup Halo Server !lookup GMRG !lookup Rules

Thats it for now

-Fremoc Pepoi Fist of the Brotherhood



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