Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

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# Battle Team Leader Report

## Sukhur's Legion of House Arcona

### 18 January 2011

Archer gripped the hilt of his lightsaber firmly, admiring the craftsmanship of the weapon that he had created. It was his; an extension of him from here on in. He had built it with his own two hands and could not have been prouder of the detail. His eyes followed the groves along the curves of the hilt, each line perfectly symmetrical in a pattern of rings that flowed down the length of the weapon itself.

But sadly he had to place it away for now, putting it in the case as he hid it in the safe in his office. He could not afford to be caught with it where he was going, and as he slammed the door shut, securing it in the safe he felt as if he was leaving a part of himself behind. Even though it had only been a short time since he had become a Knight.

Are you ready? Inarya, his second in command, stood at the doorway, interrupting the sentimental scene.

Yes. He stepped away from the wall safe, moving past his desk as he grabbed a datapad and tossed it over to her. The payments have been confirmed. Now all that is left is the easy part.

She looked to him as she gripped the datapad in her hands. The easy part being?

Just need to get myself arrested. And I know the perfect place to do it. He walked toward the doorway with a grin. _ See you soon. _


So, it is officially a new year, and already activity is strong in Sukhurs Legion. There is an upcoming ACC 2x1 Tournament, which I will unfortunately be passing on due to a lack of free time with university starting tomorrow. But, I did just secure Arcona second place in the last ACC 2x2 Tournament with Ruluk, so hopefully one of you fine members of Sukhurs Legion will be able to place in this one and keep the streak alive. We currently have a Runon that is in part one for the next week. Keep up the good work guys.

  • As mentioned earlier Sukhurs Legion currently has a Runon that is only about four or so days in, with part two starting next monday. If you are not already in it, just drop an email and I will see about getting you a part in it. There is also an AWOL check currently going on, so if you have not already I suggest you get that email to Korras stating your dossier number and that you are active.
  • None.


  • New Runon for the Battleteam. Be sure to check it out. Jail Break


  • Archer Merchant to Dark Jedi Knight

######### AWARDS

  • Archer Merchant: Crescent with Topaz Star, Crescent with Amethyst Star, Cluster of Ice (x2), Cluster of Fire 8.

  • Inarya: Cluster of Fire 36.

  • Cethgus Entar: Cluster of Fire 221, Crescent with Quartz Star, Crescent with Sapphire Star, Crescent with Topaz Star (x2), Dark Savant- Service, Pendant of Blood (x2), Anteian Cross.

  • Driftan Housan: Grand Cross of the Dark Side.

  • Andrelious J. Inahj: Crescent with Emerald Star, Cluster of Fire 45, Crescent with Topaz Star (x4), Anteian Cross, Crescent with Ruby Star, Crescent with Sapphire Star (x2), Pendant of Blood, Legion of the Scholar (x5), Dark Side Scroll.

<h10> EXAMS </h10>

  • Archer Merchant: Leadership Fundamentals

  • Andrelious J. Inahj: GMRG History, Combat Tactics I

  • Inarya: GMRG History

  • Cethgus Entar: Freighters/Transports, Chamber of Justice I, Chamber of Justice II


Alright, not much for speeches Ceth and Andrelious continue to impress with a ridiculous amount of awards that take even longer to tally, good work guys. Inarya has also been steady with the Clusters, keep up the good work. Also always seems like Driftan is earning an incredibly prestigious award every time I turn my back, and congratulations are in order for the Grand Cross of the Dark Side. If any of you have not yet replied to the AWOL check I cannot stress enough that you need to reply soon. Otherwise hope you all had a good new years and take care.

DJK Archer Merchant (Krath)/TET/Arcona [ACC: CL:1] DC / Cr-2A-1S-2E-2T-1Q / CF / CI / S:-2U


Nice report Archer. Well done, and well done to your BT members who have shown a fantastic amount of activity - Keep up the good work guys!

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