Herald Report


Herald Report

Getting graphics done ain't easy, especially when you gotta create something that appeals to the masses. It gets even harder when you have a very short time frame and you have to come up with something catching. This is what I asked from Jeric Cyrin and not only did he create something that people really enjoyed but went so far as to create a second saber for the Herald Style Hanukkah. In addition to the work he had already completed for me and helping maintain things before going to boot camp, it was only fitting for him to be promoted to the rank of Obelisk Prelate. Please congratulate him on this well earned promotion!

Now onto something that many people have been asking and now there's no room for confusion. I have gone back and updated the Warbanner Wiki page for all the items that can be included on regular warbanners and even made mention of Order warbanners. Details can be found here.

Now, next order of business...

JH Tyre Arvalis has released a competition for his trials towards Dark Jedi Knight that involve graphics and I have given him my assistance in announcing this competition as it is for the entire Brotherhood. This competition will be running until Valentine's Day and it is for 2nd Level Crescents. Tyre will be judging the event himself but I will be assisting him in judging and in handing out the rewards. Details can be found here. I haven't decided if I want to throw in additional rewards for this or not but help a fellow member out and get those entries in!

Now, let's get the sexiness under way.

Habib Ali Ekeia Iclo

Completed by Jeric:

Jeric Cyrin

Completed by Ekeia:

Kodais Solatus Krandon "Jenkins" Rowella Aro-wan Roxas Buurenaar John "Dragoon" Witwalker Dirk Valentine

Duga Taldrya Arkarso Ekeia Iclo

Completed by Jeric:

Jeric Cyrin Lenzar Fremoc Pepoi Sadow

Anubis asks: "How is the Face selector coming along?"

Right now, I admit that I have not done any work on it lately, due to studies and getting certain warbanner details ironed out, as many people have asked me questions in regards to what options they have, etc. As stated in my last report, when there's new news in regards to it, I'll make sure to let everyone know.

Fremoc asks:_ "Any big projects on the horizon for the HRLD's office?"_

Right now, the Staff and I have been discussing future competitions we'd like to run in addition to sexy rewards that can go with them. The Face Selector is the biggest thorn in my side that I need to work on. In addition to that and some other super, secret projects, I've started working on potential sabers for this year's Herald Style Hanukkah. The feedback I've received so far has been very positive and hopefully, everyone will be bale to share in the sexiness very soon.

Solari asks: "Why are you so awesome?"

Because I just am. From Keibatsu to Graphic God, (according to Taigikori), I had to struggle and fight to bring the kind of level of win that Muz does. Granted, his stuff is Pure Win and mine is ripped off and sold in your local Wal-Mart supercenters, it's still refreshingly hardcore and pwndtastic. Besides, I do this work to bring the sexiness to all the good Obelisk and boys, (that's right, Obbies are girls :P). Except for Odan-Urr. Jedi suck and ya'll know it. :P.

In all honesty, I just enjoy doing this stuff and seeing the reactions everyone has and some of the feedback to things they really enjoy seeing. It helps to know what you guys like and it's much more amusing to see it come to life and people really enjoying the work done. Hopefully, I can continue to bring that to ya'll for some time.

This past year's Herald Style Hanukkah has been a pretty good one, from all the comments I've received from everyone. I'd like to give a huge thanks to Muz, Ekeia, and Jeric for making this past one a very sexy event. I've already received suggestions for new items to come to the DB and believe me when I say I am strongly considering them. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to send me an email or find me in #HRLD_Office.

Robes: 113 Lightsabers: 605 Warbanners: 430 Miscellaneous: 132

-DA Shikyo Keibatsu Sadow Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Samurai of the Keibatsu Bloodline

Duga's lightsabers are awesome Shik. And I think that lower half of Ekeia's lightsaber looks a little familiar ;)

Also and again, mega congrats Jeric on your promotion! Keep it up!

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