Master at Arms Report


Master at Arms Report

Yeah, it's been a while since I've done one of these. However, most of the work I do, I usually put in news posts. This time, however, it's a bit different. I've got more than one thing to talk about.

First, the state of the AWOL.

I have done a rough indexation of the replies. In this, the bounce mails are also counted, and the mails I could not place directly (because of people changing the subject, and not putting in an ID, for example) have not been counted towards any clan.

The state so far: NS: 48 SP: 35 ARC: 34 Tar: 28 Revan: 24 HOU: 22 Tal: 29 PLA: 30

Note that these are far from final, and only a rough number, as noted above. And trust me, there's a lot not indexed in this list. The account has sent more confirmation mails then the 250 noted above. Next weekend, the final results will be ready. That list will be sent to the QUA's, who will then be responsible for double-checking. Dash and I are not without our flaws, and we will be trying to figure out 250+ responses, so we might miss some. Thus, the QUA's get to double-check.

The final numbers will be part of our decision to turn some houses back into clans. So, they're pretty important.

Second, the EQ promotion policy Muz mentioned.

To recap, promotions to EQ3 now require one to have trained an journeyman to DJK. A real journeyman, not an NPC. Yes, leadership experience will still be good to have, and pretty much mandatory. However, that will not substitute for having an apprentice.

Why this? Because we need to focus on getting those journeymen to DJK. Also, the time from EQ2 to EQ3 is approximately the same as that from APP to DJK.

As for the EQ1 and 2 ranks, we're considering setting some guidelines for these, too. These will be of the same form: they're not the only thing one needs, but you will need to have it to progress. Dash made some good suggestions there, and I'm pondering on those at the moment. They should be all good to go by the end of the weekend. At that time, I will also update the promotion guideline page on the wiki, and removing and altering some outdated things.

Please also note, that every single EQ promotion is considered on a case-by-case basis. It is very difficult to set definite guidelines for them as we have for the journeymen.

And on that final note: for EQ promotions, please mail me first, so I do not have to disappoint you when I deny the mail after promotion in the queue. And trust me, most EQ promotions are denied on their first attempt. Also, technically, QUA's do not have authority to promote to EQ, so those will have to go through me either way.

Finally, some questions:

`Anubis> Are there any new policy changes on the horizon? As above, on the EQ promotions. For the rest.. nope. If you think there's things we can improve on, though, feel free to let us know. I'm always open to suggestions.

Dralin> Korras, why don't you return my calls? I thought we had something special. Sorry. :'( but I did not have any missed calls. Are you sure you're not calling Timeros?

Ronovi> Korras, why must you always nag me about my spelling of "whiskey"? If it's from Scotland, it's whisky. If it's from Ireland or the US, it's whiskey. And, since I only have from Scotland, I have whisky. :P

I see my name mentioned without worshipful reverence. This will not stand. :P

Also ew, M/S requirements.

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