Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report


Welcome to my second report as the Battleteam Leader of Caliburnus! Though the time from my first report was quiet in the matter of our Battleteam, there are few things, I would like to mention in this report.

I News

Dark Brotherhood News

There have been couple of Dark Council reports out in recent time. They include some important or interesting issues, so if you have not read them, please do so as soon as possible. The most important thing, I believe, is that to gain rank of EQ3 ( Sith Battlelord, Obelisk Exarch and Krath Epis ) it is obligatory to train an Apprentice to the rank of the Dark Jedi Knight. It cannot be a fictional student, but it must be real member of the Dark Brotherhood. Also, all NPC Force users must be removed. If they are not members of the Dark Brotherhood, they do not exist.

House News

There is HSP Neutralization competition on. We are in the end of the second week and there is only one week left. The Run-On is also on, but there have been only five participants so far, including me and Draco Maligo, who come from Caliburnus. The story that the Run-On revolves around is pretty interesting and, with your efforts and intereaction, it may become even more interesting. There is still an opportunity to hop on the train, so if you have time, please do so. I have two made two posts myself. It is not much, but if all of us made two posts, we would have ten posts more and this is much.

II Battleteam Leader Office

As mentioned in the introduction, it have been quiet time from me. I am having couple of exams ahead of me, but I will be around on IRC, so you can still chat with me. You can also get in touch with me via e-mail. I shall get back to you on the same day yet.

However, I would like to carry on a survey to learn more about you and about your view on the Caliburnus. You shall receive it in couple of hours, as I would like to make final revision before sending it out. Please, reply to this survey as soon as possible, asyour answers are very important for our further actions.

III Featured Competitions

This part of the report includes only Featured Competitions, which I wish to encourage you to take part in, because I believe they are important or interesting competitions. More competitions can be found in the Competition Center on the DB website.

-The third ( and the last ) week of Neutralization starts today. Make sure you make submissions to this House-wide competition ( remember about the Run-On! ) -There is a bunch of gaming competitions from the Fist currently happening. If you are interested in playing some matches, take some time to enter these comps. Do not forget to be present on #dbgaming IRC channel, when play games! -Some writing competitions from the Voice are also on. If you are interested in writing, do not hesitate and make your submission! -Interesting competition from the Headmaster. You are asked to post a piece of a code on such social sites as Twitter, Facebook, etc. You will receive Scroll of Indoctrination for each social site, you post the code at ( but only one per site ). The goal of this competition is to make an attempt to increase number of DB members.

IV Key Matter

Activity is the most important matter in any fun organisation like the Dark Brotherhood. It is also the most crucial matter for units like Houses and Battleteams. The last but not the least, it is the basis for every single member of the Dark Brotherhood. Why?

The answer is relatively easy. With no activity from its members, no organisation or unit may exist. If there is no activity from its member, the unit is disbanded. Its lore is suspended or disbanded ( depending on the fact, if there are any chances for units revival ). All efforts and work put in writing the lore up, making necessary graphics, running competitions, etc. Inactive organisation cannot grow, expand, become better, develop. When an organisation lacks the activity, it lacks life. When it lacks life, there is no way it can provide necessary conditions for its members to develop and to have fun.

On the other hand, members need to be active for personal interest as well. Only through activity they can have fun from being a member of a club like the Dark Brotherhood. Only through activity they can develop their skills and abilities and gain new ones. Consistent, high activity is basis for gaining awards and promotions. In case of being inactive, people cannot count on priviledges and experience that come from becoming leaders. They are members of a club, but they have nothing from it...completely nothing...They are members of a club, but they give nothing to it...completely nothing. It is stupidity to be a member of a club, but not taking active part in its life, if it is possible.

A leader is a particular member in this case. One, who wish to be good leader, must set an example for his subordinates, if he or she wants them to follow his orders. This is particularly true in matter of being active. A leader, who limits himself to matters of making reports and setting competitions, but not showing any other activity, necklects his duties. If he is followed in his example, the unit, he leads, shall soon decay and become inactive, because people will not be motivated to do anything. If they are active it is not because of the example of their direct superior.

These words may indeed seem to be harsh. Still, I believe they are true. I wish you to remain active as much and as long as it is possible. Take part in the competitions, chat with other members of the Battleteam, House and Dark Brotherhood, take part in projects, remind me via e-mail that you are active.

However, I ask you for even more. If you see that I do not lead by an example, force me to change it. Either to change my attitude or to resign, as I wish to make Caliburnus the example of a Battleteam, the members of which are very active. The Best Battleteam EVER! I hope that you share my dream. Together, we can make this dream come true.

Respectfully, DJK Xantros Caliburnus BTL

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