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Wiki Tribune Report

### Wiki Tribune Report

<small>Report #3, February 1st 2011

Wikipedian of the Month: Windos Featured Article: 2. Brigade "Chidren of Heq" DJBWiki Awards Awarded:14</small> <-

Oops, double the recommended gap between reports. That's no good. :P

Stuff... And More Stuff...


If you remember from my last report, I told you all that me/my staff would be transcluding all articles above 50kb (50,000 bytes), character or not, into two or more pages. Well... this has been done. Over twenty different pages were transcluded into two or more pages; usually more then two. I'd like to thank Mitsuhide (or Akhera as he is more commonly known by, yay character switches) for all of his hard work in taking care of this for me. It was un-expected of him, and I am extremely grateful that he stepped up. He has been awarded a Dark Side Scroll for his un-expected efforts. Everyone be sure to congratulate him.

DJBWiki Award Guidelines

As I may or may not have mentioned before (probably not) I decide a while back when writing my application almost three months ago (or something silly like that... I can't remember) that I'd introduce set guidelines for the DJBWiki Awards; a project instituted (and run) by former Tribune Windos/Solar/Vexxtal... whatever he goes by these days. Well, today is the day I start on that. There are going to be set guidelines on exactly what it is you have to do to earn each award, instead of just a general description and praying to god that you get one for however much work you do. It'll also be in tiers. After you reach 10, it'll become harder for you to earn that specific award. After 20, even harder. I think you get it. Because he grandfathered this masterpiece, Windos is going be the Staff Member on-hand when I do this. Yay for him, right?


...I'm avoiding this. Really, REALLY avoiding this. As much as I love creating templates and all... we just have so many kinds. In any case, I'm eventually going to work with a couple members of my staff (more likely Ben/Archangel then anyone) to take all these different kinds of templates and turn them into something standard and magical. Yes, that's right; magical. When do I plan on starting? No idea!

Wiki Audit

While this is actually run by Halcyon and members of hisstaff, it's also DJBWiki related. The Voice of the Brotherhood has had an on-going fictional audit, where pages from around the Brotherhood; where they be character articles or not, have been examined for reality, and overall DJB realism. Several articles have been flagged and fixed to date, and more and more are added to the hit list every week. But just so that we are clear; when your article is flagged by Halc; don't go removing the tag. That'll only lead to your article being locked. For all intents and purposes, when it comes to this fictional audit, Halc has the powers of the Wiki Tribune. Unless I see a real problem with his reasoning, I won't dispute it; which means the only person that can overturn his ruling would be Muz. Since that's who I answer to.

Wiki Awards

Here is a list of all the people that have earned themselves a Wiki Award within the past two months

Akhera Nol - 2 Working Man Dirk Valentine - Writer Anubis - Admin & Graphics BenevolentWhiner - Admin Habib Ali - 2 Graphics Sutekh'Sithari - Graphics Tyre.A - Graphics RianAslar - Graphics Severus L'eonheart - Graphics Syrna Valkiss - Quote Ronovi Tavisaen Tarentae - Quote


Stay tuned for some competitions coming your way, Wiki-style.

Noobis' Advice of the Month

Try and get sick at least once or twice before the cold winter season actually starts. Because being sick in -30 - -40 weather sucks pretty bad.


Well... I had quite a rough start to having two positions at once, but eventually I worked it out. Keep in mind, folks. IF you ever have any questions about anything regarding the wiki, you can usually find a member of the staff (usually me) on IRC (with either `Anubis or Anubis|AWAY as a nick), or through email. While I'm not always there while I'm logged in, hence the |AWAY part, I almost always get the messages left for me. So don't fret and freak out. If you're having trouble with your character article, be sure to look at others in your House, or even other Houses, to get a general idea of what they're all about. While I wanted so badly to congratulate someone here, it'll have to wait a couple of days. Keep tuned for a news post, though, because it'll be big.

Anubis Annedu <small>Wiki Tribune, Aedile of House Taldryan</small>

Hey, I want props as January Wikipedian of the month. :P

There you go, now everyone knows you were January's Wikipedian of the Month. It's also been up on the wiki... so whatevah. :P

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