Master at Arms Report


Master at Arms Report

Oh no, another MAA report!

There are three things things I'd like to discuss today. The first, I updated the promotion requirements page on the wiki. For starters, I fixed the references to the character history. Also, I altered the time requirements. It is now possible to have those cancelled, in change for a task assigned by me. The task in question can be anything (within limits, of course), and the difficulty depends on the rank, and the time left. Finally, I added basic requirements for EQ1 through 3.

Why the first? Because it was obviously needed.

Why the second? Because I am not a fan of keeping people at a rank, when they already earned the next. This, I figured, would be a good replacement.

Why the third? To give people some guidelines as to what is expected for the EQ ranks. These are not the only things, and each EQ promotion is still done on a case-by-case basis, but these at least are mandatory.

The details, are on the promotion guidelines page.

Second, the AWOL check is done. The Quaestors have received the details of their units, and everyone who did not respond has been moved to the rogues. Two houses, Naga Sadow and Arcona, are currently being reviewed, to possibly change them back to clans.

third, I have now been MAA for a year and a few days. I didn't realize that until this weekend. I figured now is a good time to look back a bit.

What did we achieve?

For starters, the one thing I am most proud of by far. I've been a member of this club for quite a while now. And, as long as I can remember, when submitting a medal or a promotion, you got the notice 'please give the MAA (or, back when I joined, Senechal, when it came to medals) 72 hours to process'.

At least, that's what it said up until a few weeks ago. I had it changed. It now asks for 24 hours. That's a 300% improvement, and something Dash and I work to keep that way. everything in the queues is processed within 24 hours.

My own guideline, is to have as much done in 6 hours as possible, with a max of 12. Sure, sometimes it takes a bit longer. But never more than 24 hours. If it does, you may kick me.

Besides that, I think we have worked to make this office more approachable. Both Dash and I are often on IRC, and always open for questions.

Did we enact big policy changes? Except for the above, we didn't. Did we have to? No, we didn't. But we did make sure everything we had started running better.

6 hours ftw? I concur.

I did, in fact, notice the quicker turnaround time. Them li'l thangs keep the big thangs goin'...great job on things, guys.

~ Sai

That's awesome, Korras! Keep up the good work!!

Great work.

Yeah, 24 hours is a stretch for us. We hit that stuff up in 6 if we can (which we usually can)

Kaek and myself...a great MAA team, or GREATEST MAA team? Answer: The GREATEST MAA Team.

(Fact: Sklib was just a publicity stunt.)

Seneschal? Chancellor you mean... get your facts straight! :P

Seriously, great job Korras!

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