Aedile Report (26/02/2011)


Aedile Report (26/02/2011)

-> ### Aedile Report <small>#4, February 26th 2011</small> <-

Hey all, and welcome to my fourth (and very late) Taldryan Aedile Report. Lets get to work, shall we?


Feud Results For those of you who don't remember (or just want a refresher), Burden, Distrust, and Loathing finished a while ago. Out of three Houses, we managed to come second (behind Naga Sadow, and in front of Tarentum). While this isn't too bad, there could of been more participation across the board (including from me). We'll have to do better during the next one, and show those space samurai what's for.

Rollmaster Applications Reminder Rollmaster applications are in full swing, DJB-wide. So far, there has been very little interest in taking up this position. If no one does, me/Sid are gonna be reaaaaaaally sad. Because we have tons o' good stuff planned for the new guy. Lots of hazing... a chance to be in the Summit channel where more hazing will take place... It really is going to be fun! :P No, in all seriousness. If you think you've got the guts, submit your application to me/Sid. You have under a week to do so.

Free for All in the DB? Blasphemy! That's right. Fist of the Brotherhood Fremoc Sadow has announced that Free For All is now a fully supported part of Brotherhood gaming. Lamely, he named it 'Project Icon'. Does seem pretty lame, doesn't it? :P Jk, <3 Fremmy. Anywho. This gametype, I guess you could aptly name it, will be best used for console games like Halo, Killzone, and Call of Duty. If you're a heavy console gamer and are interested, please read the new Rites of Combat. It's up on the DJBWiki, where it's always been.


Several competitions going on, plenty to participate in. Be on the lookout early on next month for some competitions by the Summit


[VOICE] Load the Can(n)ons #6 [VOICE] Bows and Arrows [VOICE] Will you be a Valentine?

[FIST] Starcraft II [FIST] RC Team-Up [FIST] BF II Space Only [FIST] Sins of a Solar Empire


Taldryan Caption Contest Ol' Face Fashion Grafitti


Dominion After closer inspection of our dominion (Taldryan's two star systems) in comparison to that of other House's... ours isn't all that complete. We have basic data, but no real information on civilization, such as cities and structures. No hardcore geographical data. That's going to change. Real fast. By June, I aim to have this project done and over with already; enough dragging it on. I may even run some competitions that allow members of the House to essentially decide what goes into these articles. Wait and see. ;)

Ground Forces Re-Organization Originally, the Ground Forces were laid out to simply be three regiments, with accompanying smaller units. Two regiments would be on board our starships, while one would remain in the Kr'Tal System to protect our resources and territory. After talking with Sid a while back, it was decided that these were kind of bland, and didn't really feel like an Army. Just a couple of military units. As such, I'm going to draw up a re-organization plan that will split our forces up into different units (not to fear though, we have the biggest force of them all so it really won't be that big a deal), such as units specifically designated to spacecraft, infiltration, guard units for our planets. This plan will be submitted to the Inner Order for review, so they can get their opinions in before I put it into actual action.

February Recognition


Crescent with Quartz Star x1 Legion of Scholar Shaz'air Taldrya (Sid)

Cluster of Fire x24 Rigar Ulrand

Grandmaster's Royal Guard Exam Cluster of Fire x34 Diclonius

Alchemy Studies Philiosphy I Obelisk Core CoJ I CoJ II Philosphy III Vodo Biask Taldrya

Cluster of Fire x44 Zephra

ACC Basics Grammar Studies


Starting today, reports from me will be approximately every two weeks, with an update approximately every week. This way, there will be less time lost for those of you who want to participate in competitions, and it will continue to keep you informed. As well, please be sure to be on the lookout for project releases and other competitions from me/Sid. We're working hard for you folks. It's been a long and busy couple of months, since my last report. I mended ties with Taig, I've become friendly with pretty much every DB summit... Life here seems pretty good. Now if we could just find a Rollmaster..... :P Did I mention how much I hate report HTML? Stupid site, adding "br" tags on it's own.

Anubis Annedu <small>Aedile of House Taldryan, Wiki Tribune</small>

Yay for reports and br tags.

I'm seeing a pattern here... 24 CF's, 34 CF's, 44 CF's... CONSPIRACY!

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