Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


It is the report time! Please, pay attention to the Key Matter ( if you do not read whole report :P )!

I News

Dark Brotherhood News

The DB TOR guild is open for applications. If you wish to play the TOR and to represent our club, enlist at

New Left Hand of Justice has been recently appointed. Congrats to Prelate Etah d'Tana, who will serve in the Chamber of Justice for the next six months!

The position of Plagueis' Aedile is open for applications.

House News

The applications for the HSP Rollmaster position are no longer accepted. Please, wait patiently until new Rollmaster of our House is chosen and announced.

The Neutralization Run-On is still on. We need YOU to help us go on with the story and to finish it! Clusters of Ice are awaiting for you to grab one of them!

II Battleteam Leader Office

Caliburnus Monthly Meeting for April is scheduled on the 16th of April, 7 p.m., GMT+2. However, if you wish to participate in the meeting, but you cannot appear on this date, please let me know what date is the most suitable for you. The agenda for the meeting will be send around the week before the meeting.

In matter of Caliburnus projects, the works are continued. I shall publish more details about the recruitment campaign and Wiki editing soon.

Out of curiosity, I checked how many awards we have received since I became the leader of Caliburnus. Here is the list: - 2x Crescent with Quartz Star - 1x Crescent with Topaz Star - 2x Crescent with Emerald Star - 1x Crescent with Sapphire Star

That is not much, especially that almost all these awards were earned I feel ashamed with our poor performance. On the other hand, there is much to improve and I believe that we are able to show higher level of activity. It does not have to be much. Participation in two, maybe three competitions per month would be great thing, assuming less than five hours of free time for the DB per week. Please, maintain at least such level of activity, if it is possible. Otherwise, we will lose great opportunity to develop our characters in the Intelligence unit of House Scholae Palatinae.

III Featured Competitions

In this report, I would like to stress competitions that come from my office. These are Echoes of the Past: Turning Point and Echoes of the Past: Dark Hour. As all ( or most ) current and future competitions, held by me, they are designed for helping members of the House to expand their characters' background stories. Remember that the deadline is the 31st of the March, as then the April Independence Games start.

Also, competitions from the Voice and the Fist end on that day. Do not waste your chance to submit entries!

IV Random News

Random News is section that will appear in my reports from time to time. It shal be dedicated to less formal or important news that are not necessarily related to the Dark Brotherhood. Today, there are two Random News.

Firstly, I just learnt that we are no longer considered as a Sith Battleteam, but as a Krath Battleteam. The position of Sith Commander has been renamed to Krath Tetrarch. I believe that has happened due to the fact that most members of Caliburnus are Krath. However, it does not affect our fictional character as an intelligence unit of our House.

The other news is that it turned out that I have won a competition in the RL. The prize is set of five Star Wars books, which I enjoy very much. The task was relatively easy, as the participants were to write a piece of writing on this topic, What is, in your opinion, the magic of the Star Wars Saga. I have written short story from the point of view of my DB character. I shall translate it into English and publish for the House as soon as it is possible. I hope you will enjoy it!

V Key Matter

This report's Key Matter is development of personal background story.

It is very important for each member of the Dark Brotherhood to create and update their own personal background stories. I believe that it is even necessary, as it helps people play their role in the Brotherhood. Thanks to the well-thought and well-written personal story, they know what way would their character behave in different situations. They can write coherent stories and posts in Run-Ons. They can easily find their place in the background story of the House and the Battleteam. Finally, coherent personal background story makes people enjoy their stay in the Dark Brotherhood to a greater degree, as they are attached to well-described character.

In our House, Caliburnus has been tasked with creation and maintaining of proper conditions that will help in development of personal background stories of all, who wish to create or to make their own story better. As the Battleteam Leader of Caliburnus, I will do my best to set competitions and projects that will be helpful in this matter. However, I ask you to take greater care of your own personal background stories. Also, if you have any ideas in this matter, please share them with us. It shall definitely be beneficial for all of us.

That's it for now. Thanks for your attention.

Respectfully, DJK Xantros BTL of Caliburnus

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