Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


<div align="left"> Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, time again for a fresh report from your Tetrarch, sadly like all the time before, I am lacking in releasing reports due to real Life issues. But no matter what you can read one now, filled with much info about whats going on in the Dark Brotherhood.

General News

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  • < The most important Headline since my last report is probably that ours truly Halcyon Taldrya has been appointed as Deputy Grandmaster, congrats Halcyon.

  • Next our Aedile and Wiki Tribune Anubis Annedu has released a Report nearly two weeks ago. You can read it here: Wiki Report

  • Now let's focus on some news regarding the Phyle, Not long ago one of our members has been promoted to the Rank of Guardian, congrats Diclonius keep on that good work and you will race through the ranks.

  • For all who have followed my Tetrarch update 2 weeks ago you will know that I have updated some Phyle related wiki articles as they were the article of the Ektrosis Temple, the Hall of Flames and the article of the Phyle itself, the links have been bound into this headline.

  • Next some news from the House, our mighty Quaestor Shaz'air Taldrya has been promoted to Exarch, something that definitely displays his work for Taldryan and its members.

  • Also Taldryan has a new Rollmaster, Raiju Kang, a member not unknown to the Phyle has been appointed to this position so remember to add him to your mailing list and CC him as well if you sent out a mail to either the Summit or the DB, you can find his e-mail at the end of this Report.

  • Last but not least and very important from now on House Taldryan has a House e-mail address which you need to CC instead of Sid, Anubis and myself when you participate in Competitions or e-mail communication related to the DB. So be sure to add [Log in to view e-mail addresses] to your contacts under a Taldryan header of some kind so you will recognize it, and stamp it into your wrists so you'll see it when typing in that precious designated competition address.

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<div align="left"> A full bunch of running competitions is waiting for you, including one from your Tetrarch, you can find them here after you logged in: Competitions

Member Activity

<div align="left"> Again congratulations for Diclonius who made it recently to the Rank of Guardian, keep up that good work Dic ;)

<div align="left"> Lots of Medals have been given out during the last month and the following members received some of them:

<div align="left"> KE Bubbles Taldrya:

  • 1x Crescent with Sapphire Star for the Distrust, Burden & Loathing Tri-House Feud - Week 3 - Co-Op Fiction

  • 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star for the Distrust, Burden & Loathing Tri-House Feud - Week 3 - Poetry

<div align="left"> DJK Rian Aslar:

  • 1x Crescent with Emerald Star for the Ol' Fashion Face Grafitti Competition run by GRD Diclonius

  • 1x Crescent with Sapphire Star for the Distrust, Burden & Loathing Tri-House Feud - Week 3 - Co-Op Fiction

<div align="left"> PRT Diclonius:

  • 1x Crescent with Topaz Star for the Caption Competition run by GRD Rigar Ulrand

  • 1x Anteian Cross for his outstanding work within the House and the Phyle

  • Passed Philosophy III Cults Exam with an outstanding score of 100

  • Passed Chamber of Justice II Exam with an outstanding score of 90

  • Passed Chamber of Justice I Exam with an outstanding score of 90

  • Passed Obelisk Core Exam with an outstanding score of 100

<div align="left"> Congrats to all who got Awards, keep up that good work.


<div align="left"> That's it for now have fun and keep on bouncin'

<div align="left"><dl> <dt>DJK RianAslar </dt> <dt>Tetrach of Phoenix of House Taldryan</dt> <dt>Dossier #10701</dt> </dl>


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