Fist of the Brotherhood Report


Fist of the Brotherhood Report

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Yay a Report!

First off I'd like to send out a massive congrats to Araxis who on Wednesday was promoted to the rank of Obelisk Templar. Secondly also to congratulate Quejo on being the first ICTE All Star since 2009.

Continuing with ICTE, since the beginning of last month, ICTE has been held with all the DJB's supported games on the menu. It will continue through this month, even though the Indy Games are going on.

With the Indy Games coming up on Exodus Day, I won't be having any major competitions this month because when the Indy Games are on, I know you guys will want to be completely involved with that. Gaming Nights are still on going, so scrape off the rust on your skills and get ready.

On the 8th there will be one last training day before the Indy Games, but also in May there will be another revamp of how it is run. Read into my next report for that.

The Call of Duty 4 mod, Galactic Warfare was approved as a supported game and a server was rented out. All you guys have to do is join #dbgaming and do !lookup MW Server and the server information will be there.

Soul Calibur 4 was tested last month as a possible game to be supported. It had 10 people play it with 118 matches played. After a discussion with Muz we decided to allow it only on the third(3rd) weekend of each month to be acceptable to earn CF's. Report all matches under the competition of Console gaming 1 and the platform as Console.

This month I had two members put onto my staff because of their involvement in the future with TOR. Tyno and Ekeia were hired because of their already heavy involvement with the TOR guilds. Ekeia being the chief recruiting officer and helper to the newer members and Tyno being the guild leader to the LS guild.

Also this month with TOR we had the abilities to create guilds, which the links above can point you to where you can join the guild. Orv was awesome enough to create a section on the main DJB forums for us to use for community events, general talking, posting character builds for maximum effectiveness and the like. I am happy to see that a bunch of older members are joining our guild, by that I mean members that have been rogued and are returning to their old houses in preparation for the massive TOR launch. I am also happy to say that collectively, both TOR guilds have over 83 members. I can only see that number rising in the coming months.

In case you missed it this month for TOR Videos:

<a href"">Bounty Hunter Report Fate of the Galaxy Taral V Developer Walkthrough Spoiler Alert here Jedi Knight Progression TOR April Fools joke

March 2011 Total Players for the Month: 36 Up 5 from February's 31 Total Matches for the Month: 1009 Down 531 matches from February

Top 5 Gamers with the most matches of the month: 1) Cethgus Entar: 138 2) Fremoc Pepoi Sadow: 96 3) Quejo Xyler: 92 4) Saarin Vahn: 77 5) Inarya: 54

GMRG Total Members: 66 Rank 1: 49 Rank 2: 5 Rank 3: 4 Rank 4: 6 Rank 5: 0 Rank 6: 0 Rank 7: 2

Smoke asks: "Are all the supported games going to be used for the upcoming Vendettas?"

Me: Yes, the Indy Games will be, so I assume the GJW will be the same.

Sidarace asks: "Buzz or Woody?"

Me: Rex.

Just a reminder of the commands in #dbgaming:

!lookup RC Server !lookup JA Server !lookup JO Server !lookup MW Server !lookup GMRG !lookup Rules

TL:DR -Araxis = EQ1 -Quejo = 1st ICTE All Star since 2009 -ICTE Saturdays -2 New TOR Staffers -TOR videos -Galactic Warfare mod -Soul Calibur 4 accepted only on the 3rd weekend of the month

Thats it for now, kind of a short report today. Hit me up in an email ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), here, or on IRC for any questions, comments or concerns.

-Fremoc Pepoi Sadow Fist of the Brotherhood Son of Sadow

Please excuse the wall of text guys, some how lost my graphics =/

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