Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Brothers and Sisters of Odan-Urr,

Bear with me as this report will most likely be filled with quite a bit of information. I would like to start off by apologizing for not having this out sooner. You all are great members and you should be getting the attention you deserve. With that said, here goes.

As I'm sure all of you are aware, the Independence Games are currently running. This is a great way for you newer members to make a name for yourselves. It will show us, as leaders, what you're capable of and what you excell at. Consider this a scouting process for the upcoming GJW (Great Jedi War).

Independence Games Link -

Remember to read the rules before participating in one of the competitions. To do this, instead of clicking the drop down (which will lead to the actual events) just click the header. Fiction, gaming, etc..

Also, I'm sure that most of you know that Ji has been swamped with RL (Real Life) tasks and responsibilities. Real life always comes first so we hope that he gets everything sorted and will be back to work ASAP. With his spurt of duties in the real world, this leaves Akhera and I in charge of the House. We will be working together to ensure that House Odan-Urr continues to grow towards Clan status. If you have any questions, concerns, or input on anything you can reach us on IRC or through email.

Akhera - [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Quejo - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

We have an open door policy so feel free to come to us at any time.

Currently, the Master and Student program is being created. As of right now I have a few Masters working with an Apprentice.

Kaira Rohana is working with Zeon Blacktooth Severon will be working with Lelila since Destavol is on LoA and is facing computer issues so I have faith that Sev can help her achieve her goals.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Master or a Student, feel free to shoot me an email. This email will require your full DB name and whether you want to be a Master or Student. Remember to cc Akhera and Ji on all RM related emails.

The Master/Student program that I am developing will focus mainly on the Promotional Guidelines and requirements the Brotherhood is using. It will be geared more towards completing these tasks than a bunch of unnecessary 'trials' I have seen in the past. While a Master can give certain assignments, the main tasks leading to promotion will need to follow the DB requirements. This will also ensure that the Student will still be well off if a Master is unable, for any reason, to complete the training.

Promotion Requirements -

HOUSE ODAN-URR ACTIVITY TRACKER!!! - That's right, I just created an activity tracker. This will help the leaders of this House both present and future keep track of everyones activity for promotion/medals. If you participate in a competition, create a competition, submit to the IG, etc.. Send your submissions with competition details to the Activity Tracker. If you played games for gaming nights send us who you fought, how many games you fought in. What your scores were etc..

Activity Tracker - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

This is a very important tool we will be using. Don't forget to let us know what you're doing/what you have done.

I won't go in to too much right now because Akhera will have his AED report out shortly, therefore, I'll just skip ahead to the past couple weeks of Activity.


Quejo Xyler Pendant of Blood x2 Crescent with Diamond Star x2 Cluster of Fire x118 Crescent with Ruby Star

Ji Cluster of Fire x16

Destavol Gin Xyler Cluster of Fire x41 Crescent with Ruby Star

Zeon Blacktooth Cluster of Fire x16

JScumm Cluster of Fire x8

Habib Ali Cluster of Fire x23 Crescent with Amethyst Star

Kaira Rohana Cluster of Fire x4

Tyno Seal of Loyalty

Solari Seal of Loyalty

Ma`ar Tyrius Ga-Tir Crescent with Ruby Star Cluster of Fire x18

Nicely done on the activity. You've all busted your humps and have been working hard.. It's good to see. Congrats to everyone who won a medal.


Zeus Blacktooth has transferred from Rogues to House Odan-Urr! Ma`ar Tyrius Ga-Tir has transferred from Tarentum to House Odan-Urr! KidTaco has transferred from Rogues to House-Odan-Urr!

If I missed anyone while sifting through my plethora of emails, by all means, reply to this report. Would be good to hear from you anyway. Welcome to the House!


Zeon Blacktooth has been promoted to Jedi Hunter!


-:In Closing:-

If I left something out then forgive me. I've been fighting to keep up since I got behind. Rest assured that my next report will be on time. As I stated previously in my report. If you would like to run an idea past Akhera and I, shoot us an email. If you have questions and concerns feel free to catch us on IRC or? That's right, email. We're here to help.

Stay active, have fun, make Odan-Urr even more awesome than it already is!

OPM Quejo Xyler Rollmaster of House Odan-Urr Jedi Academy Trainer, Dark Brotherhood

So yeah another nice report Q!

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