Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

First report. Lets hope it isn't a disaster. No, there aren't graphics. Once the IGs are over, there will be a competition about that.

News; Pilus was created.

Members in



Members out


Commanders Orders:

  1. Make friends. This is a battleTEAM, and we need to enforce this. I wish for all of you to speak to and become familiar with everyone on this team, and whether you found this on the forums, mIRC, E-mail, or even in the ACC, you should all be at least acquaintances.

  2. Learn your lore. The Star Wars Universe is huge and diverse and, as this is a SW based club, we should know whatever we can about it. Therefore, I want all of you to learn as much SW lore as you can. I will make Lore comps in the future, and I expect you all to be prepared.

  3. Sharpen your skills. In all that you do, all that you enjoy, be it in RL or in the DJB, you will find it more enjoyable with a measure of skill. Remember, even the most well-crafted blade needs sharpening once in a while.

  4. Comradery. As stated above, this is a battleTEAM; defend fellow members of Pilus on the outside. If you have a dispute with another member, take it to me; as far as everyone is concerned, Pilus is several organisms acting as one.


  1. The three H'es. Honor, honesty, and humility. Exercise these, and you will do well.

  2. Follow the rules. I mean everyone's rules. Follow them, please.

  3. Majority rules. If something is wanted by you for the team, talk to the members. If the majority is for it, my opinion means crap.

  4. Keep me informed on what you do through email. This way, I can give you all your due, and it lets me know who is active.

  5. Use your voice. Any complaints, questions, or other such things can be directed my way.

  6. If you want anything to do, contact me; I will be happy to provide a job for you.

Commendation; Currently empty, though all future reports will have something for it. Its only empty because Pilus is still new.

Commanders Requests

Call signs; What do you want to be addressed as?

Know; What are you good at?

Learn; What do you want to get good at?

Don't care; What could you not care less about?

Words from the commander

We emphasize one thing; activity. Learning comes with practice, and if you are active, you cannot help but practice. While I would prefer to see my inbox breaking down with submissions, if you take time, that is fine as well. However, there is a minimum activity level; you must do something every week, exceptions provided depending on the circumstances. The maximum extension is to three weeks; two weeks for someone who has additional duties (such as Magistrate, Preator, Taskmaster, ect.) and three weeks for LOAs or loss of contact (assumed emergencies). Remember this; at the end of every week, I will email everyone that hasn't informed me of something for a forward. You will have two days to get something to me, or I kick you out. Sorry, but Pilus is for activity.

Woot woot

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